Congrats from Grald-Hunter to Rotherham’s New Women Councillors

I would like to send my best wishes to the new cohort of Labour women councillors, Shabana Ahmed, Maggie Clark, Maggie Godfrey and Lauren Astbury, who represent a brave new enlightened chapter in Rotherham democratic politics.

Now you are in place to represent the town’s citizens, please please please use your advanced superior powers of communication, cooperation, fiscal management, family management, integrity, scruples and honour to set yourselves apart from the elderly, male, grey-haired, corpulent, out-of–touch Laybah Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns who so readily subscribe to Da Dodger’s grubby political patronage machine and ruin our town in the process.

When Da Dodger sez if you play your cards right you can come on a junket, or sit on this committee, or manage that portfolio, please tell him to remember that he’s talking to a female councillor with principles and politely decline to be compromised.

Great hopes are with you ladies, please please please, don’t let us down. We’re watching and waiting.

Sincere Regards,


9 thoughts on “Congrats from Grald-Hunter to Rotherham’s New Women Councillors

      • In my eagerness to respond, my digits sadly omitted to type the name of “Cllr Emma Hoddinott” who I am extremely happy to include in the new cohort of Labour women Councillors in whom the citizens have put so much trust and hope. Apologies for my oversight, Emma 🙂


  1. For me the best result was in Maltby and Brinsworth where the BNP were soundly trounced and sent packing to they’re caves where they belong. Well done to the residents of these 2 areas for standing up and saying ” Bye Bye BNP “


    • Rothpol is in the process of analysing the election results. More posted soonest!

      Welcome to our blog, Adam. You are right about the BNP’s poor showing this year hooray! This will be covered as soon as we can, as well as their disgraceful pact with BNP-light, or UKIP, as some people call them.


    • it wasnt labour (godfrey) who got rid of bnp, she sat on her arse hiding in wickersley letting people deliver her leaflets to top up her already massive public sector pension off the apathy of OAP’s, it was myself who defeated the bnp (michael conlon) in maltby i collaspsed cllr bliars (as we call him) vote. same old muppets came out for labour and if maltby school clock and frontage collapses so will labours vote, mark my words


      • I would beg to disagree with your analysis of who defeated the odious BNP wallah, surely it was the the winner of the election ( MG ) and not one of the also-rans!!!! Nevertheless if you choose to believe that then it’s fine but I have to say sir that you display an acute lack of political acumen in that you have called over 1200 people of Maltby “Muppets” !!!!! I find that very strange and can only think that you no longer have any political aspirations because if I was one of the 1200 I would feel extremely annoyed at being insulted for using my democratic right to vote for any party I wished.


      • Ah ha, that’s the same mystic argument that Grald used in Bramley when he grudgingly held a third public consultation which once again overwhelmingly rejected his much-hated and flawed Bramley Traffic Mis-Management Scheme.

        The Caution Cabinet Clown said that the 82% who voted against the project weren’t the majority as they weren’t the total number of those who were eligible to vote, and if those who could have voted but didn’t then that showed they were in favour of his myopic nonsense Traffic Scheme … yeah he actually said that, witnessed by my goodself 🙂

        I bet the Trick Cyclists at Wadsley used to hear similar stories from their patients that were so detached from the reality of life … still, Grald is more to be pitied than scolded, he is after all one of God’s creatures, as Doctor Finlay’s housekeeper Janet used to say …


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