ACORN ANTIQUES – An Election Special – 6 May 2012

Mrs Overall Rolls out the velum scroll , takes up her quill, to bring you and to record for posterity. the momentous events of the recent election for the Anston & Woodsetts Ward.


Clive Jepson – Independent                         1249 votes  (Elected)
Darren Hughes (The Defector) Labour       1156 votes

Mrs Overall’s quill is all of a quiver with the excitement of this resounding victory.
CONGRATULATIONS Borough Councillor Clive Jepson (Independent)
At last someone with strong connections to the Ward.

The LOSER, as an optician, should have seen it coming!

The Candidate:
Darren Hughes aka Champagne Charlie, rides into the fray
Thinking the people of Anston & Woodsetts are afflicted with colour blindness.
Blue voters turning to Red! – No way – Principles ruled the day.
As an optician he should have seen it coming!

The Agent:
Iain St.John – has to be  – The worst Labour Agent in Town
His Candidate –  The only Labour incumbent to lose his seat
What a way to run a campaign.
Iain St. John couldn’t run a whelk stall.

HIS CANDIDATE LOST BY                              93 votes
THREW AWAY (previous majority)              520  votes
Pleeeeeeez can we nominate Iain St.John as Labour agent for 2014

He didn’t see it coming – Change your optician

The Electorate of Anston & Woodsetts:
Can see clearly – Now the red mist has gone.
The lamp and telegraph poles are now free of their proliferating, pernicious, political posters.
Remove them came the clarion call from RMBC.
Quite right – A blind man on a galloping horse could not fail to see the debasing of our village.
As an optician he should have seen it coming

Elected as a Conservative against Labour  –  1 Labour seat lost
Defected to Labour & Defeated                        2 Labour seats lost
What a career nose dive
Darren Hughes – Good riddance and don’t come back.  Don’t even think about it unless you want another pasting.
As an optician surely he should have seen all of this coming

The Agent didn’t see it coming
The Labour Party didn’t see it coming
But there again – WE WENT TO SPECSAVERS.

Goodnight All   –  Mrs Overall

Addendum – The result in full:

Name Description Votes Vote%
Foulstone Green 240 7.8
Hughes Labour 1156 37.6
Hunter Conservative 428 13.9
Jepson Independent 1249 40.6 Elected
Total Votes 3073
Electorate 8882
Turnout 34.67
Total Allowed Spend £1,044.10


13 thoughts on “ACORN ANTIQUES – An Election Special – 6 May 2012

  1. Nice one Anston & Woodsetts, really really nice one 🙂

    Anything that causes embarrassing political upset like this for Da Rovrum Laybah Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns junketing and troughing at our considerable expense is just pure pure happiness for me AFAIC.

    And the cherry on the cake is that this is such a poke in the eye to that most arrogant and bombastic of individuals, the infamous “Jackboot Mob” muppet – SINJIN – yeah, the teacher ain’t learned much.

    Thanks for the larf Darren n Sinjin … couldn’t see it coming … PMSL 🙂


  2. It is my understanding that Mrs Estrada-Haigh played a big part in Ex Cllr Hughes previous Election, the Election in which he was elected with a vast majority of 520, she was his Agent.
    Iain St John was Ex Cllr Hughes Agent this time, and his involvment resulted in a massive loss, (I wonder if his mates at Roverum tower are still talking to him) Iain St John should seek out Mrs Estrada-Haigh and ask for her wisdom and insight with regard to getting Candidates Elected.
    I am sure she would be more than willing to help.
    Ex Cllr Hughes career is well and truly over here in Anston and surely they will not touch him with a barge pole in Rovrum. I wonder how many “Loyal” Labourites are spitting feathers, cos they were not selected for a seat, instead they chose someone who lost two.
    S Thornton.


    • INSIGHT so how come she was not elected to anston parish council she sits on the pile of rock and looks down on the poor folk of anston she cant even get her own election right we need to thank god the folk of anston had ther wits about them that day it was the best vote ever its a shame they did not see you coming another black day for the village


      • moonshine i agree, i much prefer the intellectually bereft bunch of unprofessional inbred dross(with only two notable exceptions ) that currently reign over the good folk of Anston . Im unsure whether abusing members of the public, using meetings as a good night out (pick n mix provided) or the my voice is louder than yours and that makes me a very important person brigade are the worse. I don’t know about Acorn antiques it’s more like Wind in the willows with the protagonists of Ratty and Mr Toad played by…….well you can all guess that one !!u


  3. NOT upset at all but what as THORNTON DONE for anston all he dos is slate st john a up standing member of the public and years as a cllr .haigh is not a cllr but thinks she is the best thing she cud do for anston is flit


    • Moonshine I ask you to list us what ST John has done for Anston over the many years he has been a councillor for the residents of Anston As for your comments about Mrs Estrada Haigh resideing on her pile of stones LOOKING DOWN ON THE PEOPLE BELOW HER.It is obvious to me and others that know her that YOU DO NOT.






    • As a long suffering resident of Anston for some 40 years i have witnessed the debacle that is Anston P.C ( the inspiration for Dawn Frenchs vicar of Dibley surely ) and sincerely hope that the new blood and transparency of recently elected members goes someway to change things for the better. However witnessing a recent meeting when one of i believe this forum calls them corn fed grunter councillor referred to another as a waste of life i fear the worst.


  4. Moonshine, You obviously know me, so its a bit cowardly attacking me whilst hiding behind a false name. Put your real name forward (i have) and I will be very happy to discuss any issue you have in Public. You may have failed to notice, but all my comments and actions that I make in my capacity as a Parish Cllr are open and accountable at Parish Council Meetings. Re your comments about Cllr St John being “an upstanding member of the Public” (your words most definatly not mine) well if you had the information I have you may well change your mind. Publish your real name and comments and you can have some honest answers. I have nothing to hide in my dealing with the Public, can St John say the same.
    P.S. I see your spelling and pronunciation slipped a little between your first and second entries.


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