Exam Time!

Exam Question.
Subject Ethics.

Rotten Metropolitan Borough Council (RMBC) is a provisional Labour controlled Council.
This question is for Elected Members of RMBC and any Labour Party Member willing to answer to the question.
As requested by RMBC Elected Members this is a multiple guess question and you can use your big thick bingo pen to mark the correct answer.

Additional information.
The local NHS Hospital is facing a £15m cut in its budget that’s 7% of its operating budget; nearly 80% of its budget is spent on staff costs,
It is highly likely that the hospital will have to make medical and clinical staff redundant.
The outcomes for colorectal cancer at the hospital were below the national average and they are taking steps to address the position.

As an RMBC Elected Member do you?

1. Do nothing, hope they do not ask for help and when you need NHS care go to Sheffield?

2. Adopt an open book approach to delivering community services and share back office resources to reduce costs?

3. Try to shaft the hospital for £250.000 for a planning application regarding car parking?

Aneurin Bevan.

More background reading: Section 106 Agreement – An invitation to extortion? Well what would you call it?

3 thoughts on “Exam Time!

  1. Where’s Mahroof when you need him? The poor deluded one, polishing his CV I shouldn’t wonder! Didn’t he think stealing the NHS’s money was entirely reasonable?


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