The Star – Police on the case

South Yorkshire Police warning for parents on child sex grooming

The detective in charge of tackling child sexual exploitation in SouthYorkshire has urged parents to look out for signs their children are being groomed for sex.

Temporary detective superintendent Phil Etheridge was speaking at a briefing about how child sexual exploitation is being tackled by South Yorkshire Police after the force came in for criticism last year.

He said: “What parents should be looking for is a change in behaviour. Most teenagers change to some extent but are they coming back with gifts they can’t afford? have they got a new phone that’s internet ready? have they changed their physical appearance? “All children want to experiment in their teenage years to achieve adulthood but I’m talking about massive changes – is your innocent 12-year-old girl dressing inappropriately for her age?” Read on…..

5 thoughts on “The Star – Police on the case

  1. In the week following the Parliamentary report this a very cheap response. Seems like they couldn’t be bothered to get their best PR team on the job.

    Strikes me they need also to be getting out tips to Bobbies on how to recognise a child molester. A few convictions might rebuild confidence.

    I think their suggesting you watch out for pregnancy as a sign of abuse is, among girls potentially as young as 12, ummmmm….how can I put it…bolting the door after….?

    South Yorkshire Police Sergeants exam:

    A mother brings her daughter to the Station. She is 12, pregnant, can’t or won’t name the father, wears lots of make-up and arranged a free taxi ride to get them there

    Is she;

    A. On a fast track course in inclusivity and equalities

    B. What the lads down the canteen call a slapper (see Parliamentary Report)

    C The Virgin Mary

    D A victim of child sexual abuse.

    Parents will sleep better for knowing that SY Police’s finest are on the job.


  2. You’re not wrong there , Wil. This response from South Yorks Police is not only cheap but very patronising. Get our SYPCC to make a proper comment on what was happening while he was in charge !


  3. I actually don’t go totally with the PC bit. I think it is simply incompetence and maybe a little corruption. The lower level water carriers maybe worry about inclusivity, not the bigger players. They think power and money.

    For example, attendance by councillors at equalities training is renowned for being poor. Many of the male councillors are notoriously misogynistic and others let them get with it.

    Until the Parliamentary Enquiry the PC angle helped Police and the Council to avoid scrutiny by enabling them to describe those who criticised them as racist. E.g. better PC than racist.

    No this about incompetence and corruption, plus the weakness of those who are fearful of losing the £12k.

    Prostitution rings require four things. Punters, transport, workers and properties to do the business in. Follow the money, look to who has access to the four requirements.


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