Silly Season Short No2

A fresh piece of ‘silly season’ news.

Lynda Donaldson, the Conservative Councillor for Hellaby Ward, has been chosen to fight Sitwell Ward for them in the local elections next year!

She must be in doubt of retaining her Hellaby seat and has gone on the ‘Chicken Run’!

Understand there may be a problem with her Declaration of Interests? Await developments.

Number 2 of a series, previously: Silly Season Short No1

3 thoughts on “Silly Season Short No2

  1. The Rotherham Labour Party can’t capitalize on this candidate’s cowadice because Anne Russell did the same thing, got elected in another ward and they then made her the Mayor. What a load of plonker they all are


  2. Moving a dud from one Ward to another, is unlikely to work. Especially so in Sitwell Ward, where any split in the Tory/right wing vote, will likely deliver the seat to Labour!
    Not the brightest move for the Tories, with UKIP set to compete for every vote?
    There is though plenty of time for the Tories to realise their mistake, of ‘own goal’ proportions and to substitute her, by the time of nominations next April. We shall see!
    Martyn Parker, most would say, would have a much better chance of retaining Sitwell for the Tories, but hey ho!


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