Ten men charged in Coventry!

BBC Coventry and Warwickshire brings news of an important breakthrough in dealing properly with the issue of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE):

Teenage girls sex exploitation: Ten men charged in Coventry

Ten men have been charged with offences including rape, sexual assault and trafficking of at least five girls aged between 16 and 18.

West Midlands Police allege the offences were committed in Coventry between May and September 2012.

Five of the men are due to appear at the city’s crown court in November.

Five others will appear before magistrates in Coventry later. The accused are aged between 19 and 30, a police spokesman said. Read on…..

Rothpol is grateful to our spotter who has ticked the no publicity box!

7 thoughts on “Ten men charged in Coventry!

  1. Yet again another place where arrests have been made for grooming young girls, which again highlights the lack of prosecutions; or as Thacker calls them icing on the cake, in Rotherham.

    Dave Smith


  2. Congratulations to West Midlands Police for taking action.
    Labour party stooge Shaun Wright and South Yorks. police are digging an even deeper hole for themselves by the snail like progress into the CSE scandal engulfing RMBC and Thacker. Just how much of a laughing stock do they want to be?
    I notice the complete silence from messrs. Barron and Mann lately on this very serious issue.
    Perhaps they both think if they remain silent this will be forgotten by May 2014 and their voters will happily tick the ‘Vote Labour’ box.
    Bad news guys. I for one will make sure this continues to be aired publicly.


  3. I agree Colin. I won’t forget the Labour Council / RMBC Executive’s role in the scandal’ and will do all I can to ensure the sexual exploitation in Rotherham is not only kept in the spotlight but also that Thacker, Wright, Stone, the police and RMBC are brought to boot. However, I will not forget this comment either:

    “When asked about his use behaviour, (Godfrey) Bloom confessed that he used to visit brothels in Hong Kong, claiming that “terrified young women beaten into prostitution often from Eastern Europe is only a very small aspect of the flesh trade”, and concluded that “in short, most girls do it because they want to.”

    Apart from this comment being scandalous and indefensible, I think someone should also tell Mr Bloom to start at the basics-and point out that all sexual exploitation is not victimless; the ‘flesh trade’, as Mr Bloom calls it, is used by abusers simply because they can.

    Personally I will welcome an input and help with carrying on the fight; but if Mr Farage is to advance his party’s standing I feel he needs to question Mr Bloom a little bit more. After all Mr Bloom it seems is more than just a posh Harold Steptoe.’’.



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