Are you a victim too?

No one, listening to ‘Jessica’s’ story on BBC Radio 5Live, could fail to have been moved by her experiences.

Jessica, it transpires from her own testimony, didn’t realise she had been the victim of grooming and sexual exploitation until quite recently and is determined to secure some justice by entering litigation, backed by a sympathetic team, headed up by David Greenwood of Switalskis solicitors.

Are you a victim or a victim’s parent who would like to contact David? They are close at hand, ring 01709 890400 and you will be sure of a sympathetic and an understanding reception, please contact them. If you prefer email,

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6 thoughts on “Are you a victim too?

  1. Well 4 weeks on and we may see some progress at last. At least it shows rothpol can give a voice to those that need hearing. Well done rothpol for providing the platform. Let’s hope mote come forward and maybe we can rid Rotherham of this despicable scourge.


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