Open and Honest?

There’s a rumour that one Ward selection has been manipulated,  to provide a place for a portly male  Union rep,  when it should be an all women shortlist.  Dazza reputedly at scene of crime with a dodgy ruling in his capacity as DLP Secretary.

They’re hoping no one will appeal it to Regional LP. If it is they will counter by citing the shortage of women candidates,  which is itself a cover up for their failure to encourage women membership unless it is someone’s family member or “friend”. There is also a worry that background deals go on to discourage candidates from applying to specific Wards.

Just heard that despite her unpopularity the dreadful Rose has been reselected for Boston Castle because neither of the other two women candidates turned up for the selection meeting.

Were they ever real candidates or simply camouflage to create the image of female participation. We can look forward to the usual pseudo feminists wringing their hands and crying crocodile tears for the shortage of good women,  while doing nothing to oppose the misogyny and cronyism that corrupts the party and makes it so unattractive to women of intelligence & integrity.


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