4 thoughts on “Poor Shaun?

  1. It looks like South Yorkshire’s vulnerable children have had all the focus that Shaun Wright can spare them and he’ll be moving his attention elsewhere after next month.
    According to his anonymous spokeswoman, quoted above, Mr Wright’s priority is vulnerable people and… “this year that was children, next year it will be women, and in 2015 it will be the elderly,” she said.
    So after all the posturing of the past few months, it seems that abused children are just part of Mr Wright’s theme of the year. If he’d made a difference, that might be something but, given the recent HMIC report that clearly concludes continuing failures by South Yorkshire Police, he clearly has not. I hardly think it’s time for Mr Wright to cross them off his priority list.
    This smacks of another politician paying lip service to a topical issue and then dropping it at the first opportunity. I know, I know: I shouldn’t be surprised. Shaun’s track record hardly inspires confidence, but I had hoped he would genuinely try to make amends for his previous ineffectiveness in children’s safeguarding now that he has the power and money to make a real difference. Shame on him, not for the first time.


  2. He was on Yorkshire TV bleating about how no one recognised him how sad. But he has learnt lessons from Fred Astaire, his tap dancing, when asked about his role at Rotherham; in charge of protecting young people; was wonderful to behold.

    Dave Smith


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