Rory Bremner on Conviction Politicians

Readers may have missed this from Rory Bremner on Tuesday 25th Feb 2014 making an appearance on Newsnight, presented by Jeremy Paxman:

“We do have conviction politicians nowadays, in the sense that we have politicians with convictions. Like Chris Huhne and Denis MacShane and people like that.”

We have our own convicted politicians still operating within the Labour Party in Rotherham. In my view Jahangir Akhtar’s conviction for a crime of violence and thuggery is far more serious than either Huhne or MacShane’s dishonesty!

12 thoughts on “Rory Bremner on Conviction Politicians

  1. In today’s edition of the Rotherham Advertiser Akhtar has a letter published. He rubbishes Caven Vines for leaving the budget meeting halfway through the presentation and then goes on to question Caven’s commitment to Rawmarsh. Can we take seriously any criticism’s of another councillor’s probity from a man with a criminal conviction for violence?
    This letter smacks of desperation from the Labour party in general and Akhtar in particular because he knows Labour is losing support at a rapid rate.
    Repeat after me Akhtar…………………It Is Time For Change.


  2. Inclined to agree with your view concerning the seriousness of Akhtar’s conviction for affray!

    A crime of violence is far, far worse than any financial crime!

    Labour in Rotherham are beneath contempt for putting up with his outrageous behaviour and activities.


    • Rotherham Labour have completely lost their moral compass over Akhtar and others, who think they are literally above the law!
      Time for them to realise the law applies equally to all UK citizens, even Jahangir Akhtar and his family?


  3. Just to put the record straight I left this meeting 5 mins before the end it was a total waste of time trying to ask a question on something already agreed and Only ONE officer their to ask
    No cabinet Members were present or Dept Directors to answer any questions Only Akhtar to waffle on So Much better be wise and Hear all See All and say now’t


    • I will admit to voting Labour in the past but I am confused by Caven Vines’s comment that it would have been a waste of time asking any questions at meeting! If you’re not going to ask questions at these sort of meetings what’s the point of voting for someone like you ?


      • A Labour drone, devoid of commitment to their constituents, would have been better? I think not!
        Rawmarsh could have voted in Lisa Wright and ensured they would have a Labour apparatchik who would have kept their silence over the many examples of corrupt practises and ensured the child sexual abuse scandal, made much worse by her husband Shaun’s inactions in the past would still be covered up, whilst pocketing thousands of pounds of taxpayers money!
        Caven Vines has been a refreshing change and the people of Rotherham will have further opportunities to kick out the Labour dullards and replace them with much better councillors come May!
        A vote for Labour in May will be a wasted vote, if you want change that is?


  4. Have been reminded of Gerald Smiths election offence, that resulted in a formal police caution being administered!
    Gerald Smith is the Labour candidate in Holderness Ward in May, yet he has such an inglorious past, we wonder how he managed to answer the due diligence question? Perhaps he didn’t tell them? Oh dear!


    • Did Gerald Smith fail to mention his pornography viewing habits using Council computers or even his behaviour towards female Council employees? No thought not!
      It is simply outrageous Gerald Smith is a Labour candidate for Holderness Ward in 2014.
      If Labour will not retire this old warhorse in May the voters will have that duty!


  5. @SteveH

    The point both Caven and I make is the ‘budget meeting’ was not to receive representations from other councillors who wanted to question for example, the Finance Officer and Heads of Depts.about the contents of the budget rather it was a meeting to rubber stamp what Stone, Kimber and Akhtar have already decided.
    It is not a simple case of Caven failing to ask questions but the failure of RMBC to act in accordance with democratic principles by asking other councillors for their views and comments on the budget.
    It Was A Done Deal in accordance with the finest Stalinist traditions of RMBC’s Labour version of ‘Democracy’.ie: We decide, You cheer.
    You can submit a Freedom of Information request to RMBC and ask how many Heads of Dept. attended the same meeting as Akhtar. When you receive the template answer you will have a clearer picture of Democracy In Action in Rotherham.


  6. Steve H
    There was only one officer at the meeting he could only answer part of the Budget cuts he was involved in None of the Cabinet members or other heads of dept were present so How can you ask questions when there is no one present to answer them Hope that explains it better for you


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