Maltby Town Council – by-election, nominated candidates

There are two by-elections taking place on 27th March for Maltby Town Council.

Maltby Town Council By-Elections

Statement of persons nominated for East Ward of Maltby Town Council

Statement of persons nominated for South Ward of Maltby Town Council

Best wishes to all those providing exercise to the democratic process in Maltby South Ward and congratulations to TUSC for getting their second councillor on MTC.

1 thought on “Maltby Town Council – by-election, nominated candidates

  1. Reblogged this on maltbyblogger and commented:
    … and here we have the full list of nominated candidates for the Maltby Town Council Election on 27th March …
    My old Twitter pal Richard Price, Labour’s candidate. Now there’s a turn up – Ms Mallinder given up ?
    Eileen Willis as an Independant. Don’t know anything about the lady. No doubt she has been attending Maltby Town Council meetings lately? Look forward to more information, perhaps from the candidate herself on maltyblogger ? All and any comments most welcome.


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