News of the ‘Freedom Ride’

We rode the train to Freedom!

“Many thanks to everyone who turned up today for the Freedom Ride.

For those who were unable to turn up: about 100 arrived at Barnsley station. The station was flooded with police but they said they were only there to keep us safe!

The chief police officer then announced that information about the travel cuts was confused so today was a ‘discretionary day’ so there was no argument about us travelling free to Meadowhall and back again.

We voted to turn up at Barnsley station next Monday at 11am to catch 11.24 to Meadowhall again.

It was also agreed to write to councillors and MPs to ask them to demand the cuts be stopped.

Many people asked for details of those who voted for cuts:

The vote was 7 votes to 5 in favour of amending the concessionary scheme to reflect the English National Concessionary Travel Scheme and thus remove the local enhancements.

Members voting in favour were Cllrs Bramall, Rippon, Johnson, Auckland and Lodge (Sheffield CC), Miller and Leech (Barnsley MBC)

Members voting against were Cllrs Jameson, Nevett and Jones (Doncaster MBC), Smith and Russell (Rotherham MBC)

The full debate can be watched online via the South Yorkshire Joint Secretariat Website. Click Here (agenda item 11)”

This email is from the campaign against the cuts in South Yorkshire Travel Pass concessions.

8 thoughts on “News of the ‘Freedom Ride’

  1. “Freedom Riders” my backside. I wouldn’t mind betting that nearly all those who were there were labour voters who are completely blind to the fact that all these cuts are down to the utter incompetence, criminal neglect, stupidity, arrogance and self importance of that buffoon Gordon Brown when he was Chancellor and then PM.
    By the way, did he die when he was voted out of No.10 as no one has seen him since. He is either dead or too scared or embarrassed to show his face. Wake up you lot, we have all got to ride these cuts, we were bankrupt when he left!!
    By the way, I am a pensioner and had a bus pass for a long time but I believe we should all still contribute to get us out of this mess even though I have never supported labour in my life and never would..


    • Gordon Brown is alive and well :, and whilst his attendance in the House of Commons is limited, he does attend.
      Do you still have a “bus pass” , do you use it , have you ever used it on local train services, where you aware that London’s of your age can use theirs on buses 24 hours a day, and the underground and local rail services?


  2. It is without doubt unfair and very selfish, whatever the situation, to offer, or give a privilege and then take it away. It is absolutely un-professional, especially from our peers to the O.A.P. Hold your heads in shame.

    Many senior citizens will take to driving; this will cause more traffic problems, higher usage of fuel, and higher emission to the air we breathe. Lots more senior citizens can’t drive, they will not be able to get about at all causing depression amongst other obvious repercussions .
    I’m not even going to discuss politics, it is Northern Rail. Hold your heads in shame, you are a disgrace.

    Allowing such organisations to get away with such atrocity will fuel others to do the same and we will be powerless. Regardless of age we should stand up to them, we should be supported by everyone.


    That’s my twopenneth….


  3. I wish BRAG and all the protesters the very best of luck. They are showing the way and the rest of us should follow their fabulous example of civil disobedience. The ConDem government has done a fantastic job in setting one section of the working class against another; workers hate benefit claimants hate pensioners hate immigrants. It’s high time we all stood together against this vile government and stopped attacking each other.


  4. Just for the record, I don’t vote Labour, and intend to vote strategically on May 22nd against the Sheffield Councillors – Aukland, Bramall, Rippon, Johnson and ?Lodge – responsible for inciting pensioners (usually the most law-abiding of citizens) to break the law and risk imprisonment. No doubt they didn’t anticipate trouble; Brits don’t seem to rebel against authority as much as they should.
    I have attended 3 of the 5 Freedom Rides and am impressed at how well organised they are and by the spirit of camaraderie that prevails. The speakers are to be commended.
    Horror stories have emerged, such as the one about the bus driver calling an autistic youth who boarded before 9.30 a ‘nobhead.’ We were told he had been reported: I sincerely hope so. When it comes to disabled transport users, I greatly doubt the Councillors involved met their obligations under the Equality Act 2010 when failing to consult properly.


  5. This has my full support but the culprits are South Yorkshire passenger transport authority who are funded by the tax payers of Rotherham Sheffield Barnsley Doncaster and please don’t be fooled by the way the Councillors voted Rotherham Councillors on this Authority Smith and Russell. Are both up for re election this may they voted against this knowing full well it would go through so they would look good when touting for votes.
    And I would guess that the representatives on this are a majority of Labour Councillors , Like the old Police Authority was they are total Control freaks with the democracy of North Korea.
    Keep up the protest and on May the 22nd show them you have the upper hand that’s your ace card


    • If you were on the transport authority would you have voted against the cut and if so, how would we know you weren’t just doing it to win the grey vote?


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