Silence of the Lambs

Today myself and Mr Lewis attended the Meeting of the Cabinet. We were deafened by the Silence of Cllrs discussions.

First off, a member of the public asked a question around the issue of immigration. The response from the Leader was “We carn`t do nowt”. He went on to suggest that the Roma group he sits on should do more to get more funds to the countries that have Roma in an effort to keep them there. He asked Mahroof to comment, and he basic said the same “we carnt do nowt”.

Another Member of the Public asked about the Firsby Reservoir . Rodger batted it straight to Karl Battersby, who in turn batted it straight back, saying a report would be made later in the meeting. Rodger, rather sharply, replied, “Karl you will answer the question, duly told, an answer was received.

After the usual declaration of Interests and minutes the meeting started.

First up Rotherham local Pan Steering Group, hosted by Gerald Smith, he indicated that a “drop in” session will be held in the John Mann rooms on 31st July to see various studies to do with the LDF. The documents he was referring too were lengthy so you would expect questions
Nothing, Zilch, Silence.

Next up Revenue Account Ken Wyatt, announced that SAVINGS of £1.3 million had been made ( so why did they cut services, you cannot miss a Million pound surplus in projections). He also went on about how many cuts the Council had had, 70 Million ,yawn, 22 million last year, yawn, and 23 Million next year, Yawn.
Any questions, Nothing Zilch, Silence.

Capital Programme, Questions, Nothing zilch Silence

Transformation Challenge award, Questions, Nothing Zilch Silence.

Children`s Centres _ Joyce Thacker gave a speech on how the consultation went, but skilfully managed to “forget” the total number of person who objected to the closures (more than 50% of those that responded) it was up to Mahroof to propose Option 2 which will keep open three “extra” centres, including Dinnington (as confirmed by Cllr Dalton yesterday at Anston). I say three “extra”, it may be that others will have to close because no one said where the Extra £350,000 will come from to keep them all open.
Any questions, Nothing, Zilch, Silence.

Option 2 duly passed without any discussions, but Rodger did mention he had had a petition of six thousand signatures. Which no one in the room had even seen nor made any mention of. Silence.

Scrutiny Review questions Nothing, Zilch, Silence.

Flood Management, (Gerald again) Questions, Nothing, Zilch Silence.

Firsby Reservoir, Questions Nothing, Zilch Silence.

Then it was time for Rodger to kick out all the Public. But Mr Lewis had a Parting gift in the way of a comment, he said, ” we knew Dinnington was going to stay open, Judy Dalton told us two days ago”. At this Rodger replied, “will you please leave”. ( I wonder why.)

Question, silence, question, silence, I think you get the picture. What do we pay them For?.
It was noted that the “New Boy” Beck was sat with Gerald, has he fallen out with Mahroof, now he has no support ??. In my estimate, at £16,000 a year for Cabinet Members, Mr Beck has just earned £1,333.00 for sitting on his backside and saying absolutely nothing.

Oh and by the way he voted to close the Sure Start centre in Wales where he is an RMBC Cllr, and voted to close the Centre at Anston where he is a Parish Cllr.

Smart move for some one who is up for Election next year in both Wards.

Silence of the Lambs, at this rate the Lambs are going to be slaughtered next year.

Stuart Thornton

12 thoughts on “Silence of the Lambs

  1. Barely a few hours after his feet touched back on English Soil
    Roger was red as can be
    Angry would be an understatement
    He had caught whiff of the Beck and lakin duo’s antics
    How dare they interrupt his jolly to Francais
    March march march he stomped to the Town Hall
    disregarding everything in his path
    The flying Scotsman he was not but rather
    The rolling Yorkshire pudding
    And with that this duo was summoned to Rogers office
    Beck of Wales
    Lakin of Valley
    What is with the conniving and plotting Roger questioned
    We know nothing Sir honestly was the answer
    With a wink wink and nudge nudge
    Unhappy Roger still was
    Beck threatened with removal from the cabinet
    Lakin threatened with restrictions on power and responsibility
    The incompetence of this duo is very vibrant
    They can not even take Roger down
    Note of warning to this duo
    Do not have your little meetings in the Town Hall
    Or leave your door open
    The Phantom might just float by
    Roger played his counter-move
    The ball is now in your court
    Or have you decided your next move already
    Word among Councillors is a vote of no confidence
    Will you postpone or carry the motion forward
    Roger is holding his cards close to his chest
    He has plans for you
    You diligent duo
    Tick tock Tick tock Tick tock
    The phantom is now off to Roger’s office
    aka the Playboy mansion
    Some biscuits and tea and then some more Haunting
    Mwahaha Mwahaha


  2. the roma issue, “we carnt do nowt” what a load of old **** . rs , give the job to karl b to sort the mess out in eastwood 12 months back. just why are we still having to put up with the mess and noise ?? the rest of rotherham better get ready to have a few roma near you soon, these people want bigger and better house’s, “broom valley looks nice ” a roma guy in eastwood said . the council can do something, try a few fines first for fly tipping . regards j


  3. I wonder why Beck was not sat next to Lakin at the Meeting, is there truth in what the Phantom says. Tick Tock, Plot, plot, Tick Tock, Plot plot, BANG. Which of the three are going, Beck, Lakin or Stone. .


  4. Roger in a meeting recently
    Asked how we are going to deal with the UKIP threat
    ‘Don’t know what the bother is, we’ve had 10 opposition Councillors before so we’ll be alreyt’
    He quipped in his broad Yorkshire accent
    At the election count he was seen walking around
    Whilst his own troops fell around him
    Laughing and chuckling
    Smiles galore
    Labour party and Labour group getting really sick of this behavior
    They are increasingly seeking true leadership
    Consensus of Roger’s demise has been reached
    Who shall do the Labour party
    The Labour group
    The council
    The people of Rotherham
    A favour
    And topple this Ki Jong-Un of Rotherham


  5. Would anyone care to offer odds Kimber and Thacker will be history after the result of the CSE scandal inquiry in Rotherham is published? It might be easier-and more financially rewarding for both of them-if they resign before they are driven out by the plotters and schemers.
    Hot tip for Kimber; Appoint your successor before Beck and Lakin fight for your crown and make an even bigger horlicks of running RMBC.


  6. Wasn’t it stated at this cabinet meeting that there are £20 million cuts to come next year which will mean all the sure start centres will close. Sorry I wasn’t there but I was at BBC radio Sheffield discussing a brilliant radio documentary called “Auntie’s Strike” you can hear it all on BBC Iplayer.
    Dave Smith


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