how to get half a story

The former deputy leader of Rotherham Council resigned in August last year following a report in the Times newspaper that said he knew about a relationship between a 14-year-old girl and one of his relatives.

He later resumed his post after being cleared by the police of any blame, but lost his seat in the May elections to Ukip.

A former taxi driver, during his trial the 53-year-old was given a glowing reference from a former Rotherham police commander.

11 thoughts on “how to get half a story

  1. One unsung hero in all of this is Rothpol, the Rotherham politics blog run by Rik Van Hagen. Rik has done more to expose the wrong doings of the likes of Jahangir Akhtar than anyone else and in doing so has suffered all sorts of threats, including physical ones, from some of the thugs associated with him. He has nevertheless bravely continued with his quest. So well done Rik keep up the good work. Please post this comment on all the current posts so it is not missed.


  2. John, Don’t start all that again or we will have gone full circle and be back with the political correctness which caused some of the trouble we are all experiencing at present. I know I am not a racist so I am not going to be deterred by comments like yours from commenting on the truth. So John let Rik receive his well earned compliment without spoiling it for him.
    By the way maths must not be your strong point. 63 – 4 = 59


  3. John if you care to look back at previous threads you will notice that lots of councillors and politicians are discussed. Maybe the reason that the few Pakistani councillors feature so much is because of their own antics and behaviour. I expect that we will hear a lot more about these councillors as the weeks pass (and not only on this blog either).


    • I made the compliment and the councillors featured deserve to be because of their conduct and antics. I share the same heritage/ethnicity as aforementioned Councillors but am disgusted with them.


    • All I’m saying is that the culture of bullying, incompetence and even worse at Rotherham council is endemic in all local councils. Its not confined to a few councillors.

      We need a whole scale cultural change.

      Regards the problem before us, I don’t believe that political correctness had anything to do with it. The police has never hesitated in charging & prosecuting minorities: this is a statistical fact. Minorities are charged more frequently, found guilty more frequently and face higher jail terms.

      A trusted friend had a meeting with the police, from the cse division, in Rotherham, 18 months ago. He was told that there was no problem in Rotherham. Jay’s report now states that industrial levels of abuse has and is going on. Something is amiss.

      I’ve read Jay’s report in detail. Don’t understand any of the methodology employed. Time will tell how much of it will prove accurate. Nor, does it matter, the reputation of the Town, council, police are in the gutter. And prejudice has been stoked.

      If one perpetrator is brought justice, one child saved, one corruption uncovered. It would have been worth it.


      • You don’t believe political correctness had anything to do with it? What about the woman who did the report on behalf of the home office who was ordered to go on a diversity awareness course? If the council would have acted on her report instead of being PC it may have prevented further abuse. You obviously need to do a bit more research into the subject!


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