37 thoughts on “Ken Wyatt breaks cover

  1. What tosh

    who do they think they are kidding???

    Why did they not demand repirts and updates of progress

    if never blabbed then its a first


  2. “He was told discussing it would disrupt police investigations.” What police investigations. The police couldn’t investigate because of the cover up and lack of information from the council. Wyatt the liar!


    • I watched some of this cabinet meeting at work,I did not see the full meeting I will try to see it in full later, I did not realise Lakin is such a fool along with the hand picked liebour councillers,what a set of lying,its not my fault trash,and thacker what a disgrace she is,and Kimber I did not know !! Thanks to you Dave other ukip councillers had there say and it just shows how corrupt this libour council is,keep up the pressure.


  3. Could MR Wyatt not have taken this to some one in the Social Services ,and asked for confidentiality.?
    And who else knew along with Mr Wyatt..?.
    If this is what our town as come to I’m ashamed.
    how distressing if no one could speak out and help so many of Rotherhams Children.
    It sickens me that so many vulnerable children were left to fend for themselves.


  4. Sorry if this is a stupid question and already been answered in the past, but who in the Council ok’ed spending £250k on trying to stop The Times story? Surely, this is a big admission of guilt?


  5. Kevin Barron gave a woeful interview on Toby Foster this morning! He was stammering and flustered. When asked about his brother Colin Barron and Daughter Amy Rushforth and their role within all this he stated, ” Amy wasn’t a councillor when all this was going off. She didn’t know and neither did my brother!” Amy was a member of the Children’s Service Scrutiny panel during this time which was specifically criticised in the report. Both had served various roles with Children’s services alongside Shaun Wright. Unbelievably, Amy Rushforth is now cabinet member for Education! Sir Kevin made no apology for being caught out lying. As for Wyatt, he has seen the writing on the wall and is following Champion’s lead by pointing the finger at others in order to save his own place at the trough.


  6. I didn’t leave till two minutes before the end obviously Symonds is so enamoured with me he watches every move I make, I might have to report him for stalking. But why wasn’t he with the public asking questions of the cabinet? As for sir Nutkin he lies when he says his brother knew nothing he was at the 2005 seminar the one that Wyatt twerp states we all knew what was happening and Jay says that anyone who was there could not say they did not know.
    Dave Smith.


    • Dave Smith I was sat 3 places away from you and you and Mr Lewis left about 40 minutes before the end – quite why you felt it necessary to make the ‘decorating company’ comment is beyond me. You appear to be an attention seeker who likes to play to the crowd. It really isn’t impressive given the gravity of the situation facing us. The woman next to you with the headscarf left about 5 minutes after you. I attended in order to listen to the cabinet members rather than you and (despite your inane comments) I found it very interesting. There were some good questions (and some not so good) from the UKIP cllrs but you missed that of course. The resolutions were comprehensive (including the additional 4 that were formulated as a consequence of the debate) but of course you missed that too. Anyway, I saw you on Calendar so you got your little bit of the limelight so no doubt it was a good morning for you.


  7. Symonds you really are a pathetic little man, the publicity was not mine but the children who were let down by your apathetic labour council. If I had not asked the question I did Wyatt twerp would not have admitted that they all knew about the CSE, where was your question? My remark about decorating was to emphasise the white wash that was going on. Quite frankly I care not one little bit about the opinions of a gaffers man union official who always fails miserably to protect the jobs of his members. You have allowed jobs in Rotherham council to be slashed, one of the problems faced by social workers in Rotherham was the deliberate leaving of vacant posts in order to save money; what did you and the rest of your union cohorts do about that? Nothing, these people were left with massive case loads to try to deal with, inadequate training for newly qualified social workers who were given cases to deal with far more complicated than their experience could allow them to deal with. Where were you Symonds? You have the nerve to call me anti union, we stayed out on strike for a year to fight for our jobs, how many strikes have you called to fight for the jobs of Rotherham council workers? None. Just pathetic none events. Where have you publicly condemned the Labour councillors involved in the CSE scandal? So you stayed for the full none event again congratulations, now tell me how this helped the victims and future victims of CSE in Rotherham. At least I and the other questioners attempted to get some answers, what did you do? Nothing. I suggest Symonds until you are prepared to stand up for the rights of your members to a job and the rights for our children in Rotherham to live safe and happy lives then you should refrain from commenting.
    Dave Smith


  8. Dave, Robin, Regular and a few other usual subjects, both here and on some of the other threads… Given the enormity of what’s happened, can’t you all just stop it? Just for now. Just out of respect for the victims and their families. Can’t you all just stop it? You all know what I’m talking about. Look, we all agree that you’re all very clever and very important. Now with that out of the way, can we get on with a sensible discussion? Is it that hard?

    Whilst you’re all doing your respective ‘thing’, paedophiles are at large in Rotherham. Bucks made 8 arrests for 2 victims (Tuesday’s details – may have changed now), whilst here in Rottenham 1400 victims and how many arrests? Forget your individual views and love (or otherwise) of the labour party and it’s simpering mp, and concentrate now on demanding justice be done. Show some solidarity with those children, who we previously completely abandoned to their fate. I want arrests. So should all of you. It’s what Rottenham needs. Catharsis. Join together and force the police to do what they’re supposed to do, instead of this interminable, pointless, and frankly boring fighting about who sat where, or how you spell a word.

    Please stop bickering, just for now… it’ll soon be election season and then you can all get back to the name calling and pedantry, and we can get back to enjoying reading you do it. But now isn’t the time.


    • If such a plea came from Rothpol, I would totally respect it.
      But from someone who includes in their posting a reference to a “simpering mp”??

      I do agree however that we should all concentrate our efforts toward one objective – cleaning up Rotherham. So lets start by not being offensively sexist in our comments.


      • Thank you for immediately proving my point to everyone Regular.

        (PS: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/simpering – ‘To utter or express with a silly, self-conscious, often coy smile: simpered a lame excuse.’ – Plenty of lame excuses on display recently.

        ‘Sexist’ how exactly? Are you saying that only women ‘simper’? Your outdated misogyny assumes I meant Ms Champion. Isn’t that a little sexist on your part?)


  9. That is why I attended the cabinet meeting to bring out the truth of who knew what then we can make sure that these people are not in a position to let our children down again. The victims are not going to get justice whilst the same people who let them down in the first place are still in positions of power.
    Dave Smith


  10. Robin every one is calling for wrights head that’s old hews
    What is really interesting is you and your Union Brothers have not condemned the currant labour council
    You was at their cabinet meeting ( part time from your union job ) like you accused me of
    Please tell me that the meeting was so pathetic you condone it Wyatt was set up as the spokes man and waffled on and on
    All others said Now’t except Ellis who didn’t answer anything only waffled on when I put her on the spot
    They should all do the decent thing accept quilt and resign on mass let the people decide
    Now that’s democracy
    Something you Labour are not up to speed with
    Do you condemn them like all others and demand they stand down
    Time to stand up and be counted
    What is the official stance of your union
    Get off the fence Robin


    • Caven, I’m on annual leave so not really a part-timer. I was at the cabinet meeting in a personal capacity (Rotherham parent with a teenage daughter). I will condemn anyone who was part of a cover up, be they councillors, officers or police. I simply do not know who is guilty of a cover up; the Report doesn’t say. I won’t get into the game of calling on all Labour councillors to resign just because they are Labour. I don’t think that makes sense or serves any useful purpose. It is apparent that Roger Stone knew more than anyone else and IMO he failed abysmally to protect children. I thought Sue Ellis made a good point when she said that everyone becomes a councillor because they want to make Rotherham better. Anyway, it’s nice that you’re now being civil at least; I don’t think I’ve been referred to as Symonds since I was at school!


      • Sue Ellis became a councillor to make Rotherham a better place ! what a joke,she did not answer the question that she was asked and just sidestepped it like most of the labour councillors.


      • Akhtar didn’t become a councillor to make Rotherham better, by becoming a councillor he made Rotherham worse and himself very much better off, which was his aim. By being a councillor it enabled this taxi drivers to acquire a property portfolio!”


  11. What puzzles me is that after being briefed in 2005 that children were being abused by men of Pakistani heritage not one Cllr thought it appropriate to set in stone an agenda item to monitor the progress being made by the relevant parts of the council and the police to stop the abuse, not one Cllr!

    Is it possible that all 63 Cllr`s had been intimidated into silence or was it that just didn’t care, factor in influential Cllr`s of Pakistani origins and you have the ingredients for why 1,400 were abused.

    After watching the meeting It`s clear to me they are all going to stick it out, so come 2015 I will have the opportunity like all voters across the town to make that decision for them, my vote for my local Cllr and MP will go to UKIP.

    Cllr Vines I do hope in your council and MP manifestos you make reference to how all the Labour Cllr`s and MP`s did absolutely nothing to stop the abuse of over 1,400 children by gangs of men of Pakistani heritage.

    Rothpol, any chance you could re-post the list of Cllr`s who will be up for re-election in 2015?

    I understand that the list may well change if the NEC blocks a number of the sitting incumbents from standing.


  12. Ellis and wyatt both adept at fillybustering unlike most of the rest.

    Its either covering stuff up or
    not following things up and scrutiny = incompetence

    They unwilling even now to accept responsibility whilst MPs pretend to have been ignorant?

    Looks like myroof has infected all the council.
    look duck and vanish.

    As for the electorate.
    the cllrs can run but they cant hide


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