Shaun Wright – “Only in it for the money, edition”

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22 thoughts on “Shaun Wright – “Only in it for the money, edition”

  1. Wonderful HoC select committee meeting. Mr Wright was held to task in as much as you can in such a short period of time. Very telling they were all put on oath. Id suggest regardless of whether he resigns or not (he wont) the committee will look to perjure them for any lies or crimes that they can. Nice to see Mr Wright fall for the trap of “how many people want you to stay” and his retort of more than 100 people including MPs and councillors wanted him to remain in office. Lets see these cretins named & shamed if they exist.


  2. he has just had a rough ride at the hands of Keith Vass who is contacting the home secretary to find out if emergency legislation can be drafted to sack him. This could have been done at least a week ago. It is obvious he is just in it for the money that is why he won’t resign but he will step down in two years, pension pot nicely added to.
    Dave Smith


  3. Well were do I start, totally Embarrassing that a so called professional could be so delusional and Arrogant. He must be crazy to think he could talk down to the echelons of our parliamentary committee. Good lord ,!


  4. I haven’t commented on this issue before. However, I have been trying to read the relevant reports and minutes in the evenings over the last fortnight. So, i decided to leave my business early today to watch the Select Committee – and I’ll have to catch up this evening. So, this is an immediate and quick response.

    Of course, Shaun Wright should resign. He should never have been selected or elected in the first place. I’m very pleased I didn’t vote for him.

    However, Keith Vaz was grandstanding and acting like the Queen of Hearts (Decision first, Evidence later). He was full of his own pomposity, as were James Clappison and Mark Reckless.
    It was a ‘quick and dirty’ Select Committee, looking for tomorrow’s headlines rather than one which took its responsibilities seriously.

    We weren’t that much wiser by the end. However, it does appear that further big, big questions have to be asked about the performance of senior police officers under Chief Constable Hughes’ watch.

    I also think that people are making a bit too much of the decision to try to prevent publication of an un-redacted version of a Serious Case Review Report and to try to find where the leak had come from. Of course, journalists want to get hold of such a report and publish – and will always try to shout cover-up in these post-Leveson days. But, such a leak of confidential information about individuals is prima facie a breach of the Data Protection Act. If my business allowed that sort of information to be disclosed, I’d expect the Information Commissioner to whack me with a big penalty.


  5. And how does it make us look in South Yorkshire ? That from what we are seeing ,who can run our council . How did we find ourselves in this position. .? I’m Mortified!, and what a shower!, it’s took the parliamentary committee to tell them they are not FIT for purpose. Not exact words of course I’m using polite words.


  6. ALL FIVE of them were lying their heads off,now let criminal procedings take place seeing as they were under oath,not take the easy way out and resign,Everyone down to the town hall tommorrow.


  7. Sarah Champion looked radiant being interviewed on Parliament Green…ITV and BBC….and made most of the right noises, but where were her two senior colleagues, the rather less photogenic Healey and Barron?
    Let’s be charitable and say the performances of Thacker, Wright and Hughes left them as speechless as they did me…or did they do a runner.


    • Barron of NO Morals and I will keep my picture out of the papers for a few weeks Healey are both the same as Shawn Wright,I’m only in it for the Money,I have emailed Healey on a lot of matters over the years and all I have ever got is a load of rubbish,but please do not hesitate to contact me again !


  8. Shaun wright and Joyce Thacker should be sacked they are not doing there job properly I was in care an on 2 occasions I was missing I was with a registered sex offender on those 2 occasions police found me with him and arrested me not him I became pregnant at 16 as ss knew I was having unprotected sex but did nothing to stop me getting pregnant even though they had pr they then took my baby at 17days old saying he could be at risk of emotional abuse in the future well I think my child is at risk of emotional abuse and sexual abuse whilst he is in the care of the local authority they take babies to meet adoption targets the smaller they are the easier they are to be adopted they used me they knew I would get pregnant they lied threw thee teeth and did everything in there power to stop me caring for my child I was used as a surrogate mum so they could get a pay rise and meet there adoption targets they are child traffickers they are the abusers and they need to be stopped it wouldn’t shock me if Shaun and Joyce had mental issues or peadaphiles themselves!!!


    • Multi cultural Rotherham is a waste of time well done doger stone
      Community cohesion never again
      It’s called Coverham not Rotherham
      Close the town down permenantly


  9. Closing down you are right they are cancelling all public meetings area assembly meetings
    Why because they are too cowedley to face their electorate
    They are elected to to represent the electorate not hide as soon the Sh it’s the fan this to me proves their guilt
    How many will turn up to full council tomorrow
    Today was the day they was to choose the new leader
    Any one seen the white smoke I’ve not heard owt but all will be revealed tomorrow


  10. You can tell when Shaun Wright is lying, his lips move.
    Anyone watching his body language can see how uncomfortable he was when asked direct questions knowing he was under oath to answer truthfully.
    Problem for him is I don’t think he took the ‘under oath’ part seriously, he probably imagined he could get away with the usual bovine excrement he peddles to the people of South Yorkshire.

    When Thacker the Child Snatcher took her seat she looked even gloomier than she normally does and Kimber, who was sat to her right offered her as much support as a knitted walking stick. If she is ‘part of the solution and not the problem’ (CP speak) then to paraphrase Fraser in Dad’s Army: “We’re all Doomed”.
    Once the Child Snatcher has given her evidence-such as it is-she should resign immediately.

    I hope the Select Committee can also find the time to call Jacqui Collins to answer questions. She has been employed by RMBC since 2012. She is a qualified Solicitor. She is the Legal and Monitoring Officer.
    The Monitoring Officer has the specific duty to ensure that the council, its officers and its elected members maintain the highest standard of conduct in all they do.
    The legal basis for the post is found in section 5 of the Local Government & Housing Act 1989, as amended by schedule 5, paragraph 24 of the Local Government Act 2000.
    The Monitoring Officer has three main roles:
    to report on matters he or she believes are, or are likely to be, illegal or amount to maladministration;
    to be responsible for matters relating to the conduct of councillors and officers; and
    to be responsible for the operation of the council’s constitution.

    As a lawyer, one of the fundamental reasons she came to RMBC was to ensure fairness and transparency, and because RMBC undertakes public functions it is subject to the highest possible standards of conduct.

    I think she failed on all counts and she should explain why she failed.


  11. must be a racist. rotherham labour party terminology for a racist is anybody who believes lawbreakers should be prosecuted whatever race or creed on said:

    shaun wright says he still support in south Yorkshire,how dare this I will not call him a man suggest that the people of south Yorkshire share his lack of morals and the inability to tell the truth.


  12. Unless they remove this shower we have in the Labour Party I won’t be voting.How can I vote .? Their is no one that is offering me any Hope for the future. I still see people in the rotherham council that should not be ,due to this present situation.


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