8 thoughts on “MacShane – Standard having a laugh?

  1. Brilliant !! MacShame was a bad smell from the start, as was Lord Ahmed, as was Blair who appointed them both. How on earth the people of Rotherham could have continued to vote Labour in last week’s election is beyond belief. Furthermore, the undeniable root cause of Rotherham’s child abuse scandal is the same blind indifference on the part of the electorate who have given the Labour Party a free reign to do as it pleased for so many years.
    No doubt the bulk of Council beneficiaries , employees and immigrant dependants will continue to vote Labour as long as this outdated “democratic” system allows it.


  2. That presupposes that all the folk in Rotherham are thick, well at least some of them, that believe the current Council and MP’s truly want to find out what really happen.


  3. The screeching Ms Collins at it again. Does she ever do or say anything constructive? I seem to remember that until recently we had a MEP “wandering around” the European parliament. Nick Griffin received a suspended prison sentence in 1998 for inciting race hatred but it didn’t stop him becoming a MEP. Ms Coliins is becoming tiresome with her bleating. This is not a pro-McShane post. He is a convicted criminal and I have no time for him.


    • He’s also happy to see that no more MPs get caught like he did.
      A tweet from Denis Macshane aka Denis MacShame aka Denis Matyjaszek.

      Denis MacShane @DenisMacShane · 13 hrs 13 hours ago

      So all records of MPs exes prior to 2010 have been destroyed. Bit late for me but so glad for others that they won’t face difficulties.

      Read into that what you will.


  4. So how does Forensic X explain away whats happened in Rotherham without reference to 50 years (?) of Labour control; the accepted culture of bullying; the acquisence of lame-brained councillors; the decline of the town centre (look at Barnsley or Chesterfield) ; the immigrant influx ; the disgrace of MacShame and Lord Ahmed etc etc etc etc ? Whats Fascism got to do with wanting a change in the way Rotherham is run….or would Forensic X be happy for Rotherham to degenerate even further ?
    Or is it simply that the cry of “Fascism” is the predictable fall-back position whenever socialists are upset ?


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