Updated SYPCC By-Election Results Analysis

The SYPCC By-Election Results Analysis is starting in earnest. Thanks to all of you who responded so quickly in providing the Barnsley and Sheffield results.

The ‘Rotherham effect’ would seem to have some validity. The surprise in these results? This ‘effect’ has spread to Barnsley and Doncaster! Ed Miliband is thought to be in some difficulties of his own. Will the voters of Doncaster North chuck him out next May? It is certainly on the cards, with the anti-Labour vote, increasingly concentrating around UKIP.

Problems ahead then for Labour, most certainly, and with their inaction in Rotherham, this effect will only get more pronounced.

South Yorkshire PCC By-Election 2014
Overall Result
Party Candidate Votes % Vote Share Change %
English Democrats Allen, David 8583 5.5 -10
Labour Billings, Allan 74060 50  -1
UKIP Clarkson Jack 46883 31.6  20
Conservative Walker Ian 18536 12.5  -2
Total Valid Votes 148062
Swing Lab to UKIP  11
Barnsley Result
Party Candidate Votes % Vote Share Change %
English Democrats Allen, David 1288 6 -8
Labour Billings, Allan 10877 50.7 -5
UKIP Clarkson Jack 6607 30.8 20
Conservative Walker Ian 2672 12.5 -1
Total Valid Votes 21444
Swing Lab to UKIP 14
Doncaster Result
Party Candidate Votes % Vote Share Change %
English Democrats Allen, David 2314 6.8 -14
Labour Billings, Allan 15310 45.4 -4
UKIP Clarkson Jack 11380 33.7 24
Conservative Walker Ian 4730 14 -2
Total Valid Votes 33734
Swing Lab to UKIP 14
Rotherham Result
Party Candidate Votes % Vote Share Change %
English Democrats Allen, David 2044 5.6 -10
Labour Billings, Allan 15006 40.9 -9
UKIP Clarkson Jack 14228 38.8 26
Conservative Walker Ian 3936 11.3 -3
Total Valid Votes 34674
Swing Lab to UKIP 18
Sheffield Result
Party Candidate Votes % Vote Share Change %
English Democrats Allen, David 2937 5.1 -8
Labour Billings, Allan 32867 57 6
UKIP Clarkson Jack 14666 25.4 14
Conservative Walker Ian 7198 12.5 -2
Total Valid Votes 57668
Swing Lab to UKIP 4

26 thoughts on “Updated SYPCC By-Election Results Analysis

  1. Wud be intresting to analyse rotherhams results on a ward basis?

    food for thought for cllrs especially if alliances are made.

    Tusc should be taking most of labours votes as they do not resemble labour and labour policies.



    Labour – 32,867 votes

    Conservative – 7,198

    UKIP – 14,666

    English Democrats – 2,937

    Rejected votes – 1,091


    Labour – 15,006

    UKIP – 14,228

    Conservative – 3,936

    English Democrats – 2,044

    Rejected – 481


    Labour – 10,877

    UKIP – 6,609

    Conservative – 2,672

    English Democrats – 1,288

    Rejected – 355


    Labour – 15,310

    UKIP – 11,380

    Conservative – 4,730

    English Democrats – 2,314

    Rejected votes – 372

    (from Sheffield Star – but with the Sheffield Conservative vote corrected from 17,198 to 7,198 – otherwise it doesn’t add up!)
    I covered all this in very great detail here :
    : https://rotherhampolitics.wordpress.com/2014/10/31/rotherham-pcc-vote-a-good-deal-closer/
    in my long boring comment at November 1, 2014 at 12:46 pm 🙂


  3. I think somebody felt sorry for the Conservatives and added an extra 10K on the the vote, I thought it was a little strange they had beat UKIP.


  4. South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner (Lab Defence)
    Result: Labour 74,060 (50% -1%), UKIP 46,883 (32% +20%), Conservative 18,536 (13% -2%), English Democrats 8,583 (6% -10%)
    Labour HOLD with a majority of 27,177 (18%) on a swing of 11% from Labour to UKIP

    Local Area Results
    Barnsley: Lab 51% (-5%), UKIP 31% (+20%), Con 12% (-1%), Eng Dems 6% (-8%). Lab HOLD, 14% swing from Lab to UKIP
    Doncaster: Lab 45% (-4%), UKIP 34% (+24%), Con 14% (-2%), Eng Dems 7% (-14%). Lab HOLD, 14% swing from Lab to UKIP
    Rotherham: Lab 43% (-9%), UKIP 40% (+26%), Con 11% (-3%), Eng Dems 6% (-10%). Lab HOLD, 18% swing from Lab to UKIP
    Sheffield: Lab 57% (+6%), UKIP 25% (+14%), Con 12% (-2%), Eng Dems % (-8%). Lab HOLD, 4% swing to Lab to UKIP


  5. UKIP are not the only issue for Labour.
    If this morning’s Andrew Marr show on the BBC is anything to measure the anti-labour stance taken by the BBC then Labour are in for a tough time from the BBC on the run up to the GE.
    Talk about one sided politics it was dire, Marr must be in the pocket of Crosby and the Tory party, last week had lots of adverse Tory/Cameron stories he could have used, like number 10 backing Fiona Wolfe minutes before the news of her standing down.
    It was all anti Milliband, the problems in Scotland, the beggar in the street, the T shirt and his rating in the polls, it looked more like a party political broadcast on behalf of the conservatives than a balanced news programme.


    • It is what you get when the Editor of the Sun on Sunday is reviewing the press.
      But yes that whole tee-shirt thing is deeply embarrassing and Milliband is becoming a liability for Labour. – a nice guy, but…
      But UKIP is not an issue for anybody , except maybe the English Democrats and the Tories.


  6. Edward Millibrand is not the issue here, it’s Labour disconnect with it’s core voter’s. This has been happening, since Blair and his lying cronies took over. More interested in what’s in it for them, than their supporters.


  7. Manc is correct when he says Blair’ s lot were only interested in themselves : but it’s more than that. It now appears that the general public are waking up to the fact that local councillors in places like Labour controlled Rotherham are no more socialist than Guy Fawkes. It’s an easy ticket to ride ; ask no questions…..just do as you’re told …..attend a few meetings and collect the pay. Long live the other options – even though Ukip have a lot to learn!


  8. Ask yourself a question, what policies has the Labour Party proposed for the working people recently, even the Tories are offering to increase the Tax allowance threshold to allow people to keep more of their income. labour as usual is proposing some grandiose spending sprees, which will benefit a few of their soft friends, at the expense of the majority. And you know it will be a waste of money. sure start, it system, I’d cards, Billions wasted.


  9. If 80% were postal votes and if 5% to 10% were fraudlent UKIP could have been cheated out of victory. Could they have won on second preference votes ?

    It is essential that we have honest elections in the Uk and this means no postal votes and ID at polling stations.


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