Rotherham Standing Together.

Rotherham Standing Together.

“We owe the survivors of child sexual exploitation nothing less than our pledge to do everything we can to better protect young people in the future.”

Standing together
Show your support – display the sticker
Stronger together
If you spot the signs – know how to report it
Responsible together
Protecting young people – it’s everyone’s job.

Be the ‘eyes’ and ‘ears’ of your community against child sexual exploitation.

By Standing Together we’ll keep Rotherham’s children safer.

Not sure whether to laugh or cry!


11 thoughts on “Rotherham Standing Together.

    • No idea who’s running it. Can find no reference to a lead body or person.

      To be honest it seems to be a big pile of nothingness. A pledge to state that your against Child Sexual Exploitation. Well aren’t we all? I just don’t get it. Am I missing something?

      Anyway, here’s a video of Emma Hoddinott at the launch.


    • yes, just write it off as a cynical stunt by a conspiratorial bunch of do-gooders and child haters. Nothing can be done. Don’t trust anyone. But keep on carping and bleating from behind a keyboard. Cos that’ll really make a difference wont it?


      • Would you really trust any of these lot, remember there the ones that got you in this mess in the first place…… Time to realise your doom lol


    • Perhaps he was asked no to attend to give this organisation some credibility, surprise no Vakas or Sarah Champion either, they never miss a photo opportunity or sound bite.


  1. must be a racist. rotherham labour party terminology for a racist is anybody who believes lawbreakers should be prosecuted whatever race or creed on said:

    I see mahoof as appeared in the advertiser he now treated as the local clown only thing that ever comes out of his mouth is rascist the people of Rotherham are more than aware this particular slogan got us in to the mess we are in now I am afraid that balloon really is burst.


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