Operation Stovewood – Police launch new child sex abuse investigation

Police launch new child sex abuse investigation

A MAJOR incident room will be set up as part of a multi-million pound independent investigation into child sex exploitation in Rotherham launched this week by the National Crime Agency.

The Operation Stovewood investigation — requested by South Yorkshire Chief Constable David Crompton following the publication of the Jay Report — will have two distinct stages, starting with intelligence gathering until next spring.


From the NCA:

Operation Stovewood – Summary of Terms of Reference

Download/read as a .pdf

NCA begins two-stage investigation into child sexual exploitation in Rotherham

8 thoughts on “Operation Stovewood – Police launch new child sex abuse investigation

  1. ” The investigation is not responsible for investigating allegations of misconduct against police officers ”

    Oh really ? So front-line and senior police allegedly involved in collusion with sex offenders is “misconduct” and not to be investigated as a criminal offence ?
    Well,not too difficult to see where this going is it ?

    ““The first stage of Operation Stovewood will identify and examine relevant material held by South Yorkshire Police and other bodies in order to scope the nature and requirements of an investigation …”

    Whenever I see the word “scope” I immediately think of what implications this term has for any investigation . In the context of investigations, it is used to define Terms of Reference which can be used to narrow that investigation.

    “No public appeal for victims and survivors to come forward will be made until the initial work is complete ”

    Of course not. They aren’t important – it’s the PROCESS that’s important.

    It will all get get tied up in gobbledegook and everything will be brushed under the carpet, just as always – just my opinion of course.


    • Someone with more cynicism than myself? Remember, this investigation is coming on the back of a couple embarrassing failures by the NCA. Some say this is their only chance of redemption? We shall see in time, but nothing yet leads me to start to call the investigation some form of cover-up. The NCA has first to bring themselves up to speed with the past, before they even know what their approach will be, standard procedure nothing more.


      • No. It is very, very simple.
        It’s only necessary to shroud investigations in this sort of beauracratic twaddle if you don’t want to get anywhere.
        I’ll make it easy.
        Many, many people in Rotherham are guilty of it.
        It’s an imprisonable offence under common law.
        The main objective of any investigation is simply to identify those, at street-level and management level in the police and council who failed in their duty to protect children, and get them locked up. It includes council employees and councillors.
        As an example, but there are more you can think of, any police officer who was told that an underaged girl had sex with an older man, which is statutory rape, and did nothing is guilty of misconduct in public office. The same goes for local police commanders who did nothing on their watch to stop what they knew what was going on. The SYP know who these people are. They should be in prison. It is MISCONDUCT IN PUBLIC OFFICE
        There are also people in Social Services, including one at the top, who are guilty of the same.

        Where is it in these wonderful “Terms of Reference” where it says that the NCA intend to identify and bring to court those guilty of misconduct in public office ?

        They are not there because they don’t want it to be. let time tell if you think there’s no “cover up” .

        My cynicism morphed into realisation a long, long time ago.


  2. I have read the Operation Stovewood Summary of Terms of Reference.

    Would someone with more intelligence than myself provide a few explanations for me, because I am obviously missing something or interpreting wrongly.

    Following the Jay Report and the Home Office Select Committee interviews of the current and past South Yorkshire Police Chief Constables, it was declared that the current South Yorkshire Police Chief Constable, David Crompton, asked the NCA to investigate.
    The impression given was that the NCA had been asked to investigate what had happened within nthe South Yorkshire Police that had allowed this to occur, at both local street level and at senior level.

    I have looked ath the Terms of Reference for the NCA Investigation – Operation Stovewood.
    It would seem to me that the Terms of Reference exclude the investigation of past events, in that it states :

    “The oversight and review of all existing ongoing South Yorkshire Police
    investigations being conducted into non-familial CSE in Rotherham between
    1997- 2013 (the period covered by the Jay Report). ”

    The words of importance here , in my interpretation, are “existing ongoing South Yorkshire Police investigations “.

    But most of the problems and events that occurred were historical , and were never the subject of any investigations – that in fact was much of the complaints, where the Home Office Researcher, victims and family members were treated with disdain and sometimes threatened.

    We must therefore take it that if a particular events are not under investigation by the South Yorkshire Police, i.e. not “existing and ongoing” then any criminal activities are outside the Terms of Reference and not to be investigated by the NCA. So in actual fact , the NCA will only investigate those events which the South Yorkshire Police have decided to investigate for themselves.

    Further , the statement :

    “Intelligence gathering to identify and examine all relevant material held by South Yorkshire Police and other bodies to establish the nature, scale,and requirements of an NCA investigation”

    But one of the points of the Jay Report was that evidence was destroyed and/or went “missing”. So this would not be held by the South Yorkshire Police or within Rotherham Council, so cannot be identified or examined.
    The REAL issue of course is how and why important information went missing. This does not appeer to be within the investigations carried out by the NCA.

    There is also another issue. Perhaps again I am too stupid to comprehend such matters.

    The opening sentence states :

    ” Operation Stovewood is an independent National Crime Agency led investigation examining criminal allegations of non-familial child sexual exploitation (CSE) and
    abuse. ”

    Yet in Part 2 it states that :

    “Subject to any additional needs identified during stage one, Operation Stovewood will conduct a criminal investigation into ON-FAMILIAL child sexual exploitation (CSE) in

    What has this got to do with the Jay Report, where the focus was on non-familial grooming ?


    As I suspected, the NCA investiagation focuses on the present and will not identify or bring those responsible for the past events to justice.
    It is obviously not the purpose of this investigation.
    The conclusion will no doubt be that there were shortcomings and bad practices in the past, but the processes and procedures are now improved and muti-agancy co-operation currently in place will be satisfactory.
    Or am I just being too cynical ?


    • In a former incarnation I was a scientist, therefore I always remain skeptical, but I try not to let cynicism cloud my judgement.
      There is also an ongoing IPCC involvement, they will be looking at the possibility of misconduct or other charges in the ranks of the SYP. If those charges are proffered against any police officer, then there would obviously be a need for further investigations into both Councillors and Council Officers?


  3. There are already 10 SYP officers under investigation by the IPCC. I must admit that I tend to treat with some cynicism these type of investigations. I remember how many of us thought the Jay report would be a white wash, but she was stronger than that and proved us wrong; lets hope these investigations do the same. We should also bear in mind that these investigation are being done by a Tory government and we have a general election in May next year.
    Dave smith


  4. A new investigation?

    What happened to previous investigations?

    This does not bode well!

    4 men were given 17 years each for trafficking and rape of drunken teacher in Bradford. One of men 21 year old Wakas Akhtar fled to Europe during the trial and was arrested in Italy. He was helped by his father to flee. The father is a market trader who has a stall in Rotherham Bazaar on Thursdays and spends rest of week selling fruit door to door from back of his truck in Rotherham.


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