Akhtar & Mahroof: More Labour Treason?

Just received a document that seeks to undermine the Jay report, written by solicitor Chris Saltrese who specialises in acting for defendants in sex offence allegations. At first the report seems to laying out  a  method for defending any that might arise from allegations within the Jay report….or is it?

Please don’t get angry with Chris, before, during or after reading it. He’s doing his job, I’ve read it, and don’t agree with a number of his statements and conclusions, but it’s nothing personal, he’s just earning a living.

What I find most interesting is the politics underlying the document.

As far as I’m aware both the Council and the Police have accepted in totality the Jay report. Any criminal prosecutions will need to meet the usual standards of proof and the role of the Jay report would be negligible in a Court setting. As Jay herself has made clear, hers was never intended as a judicial review.

So why has it been written, and why has it been circulated? Was it intended to support criminal defence, or to be used as part of a political campaign to undermine Jay?

Now I don’t know the motives of Chris Saltrese, but he is an honourable person, he is a jobbing solicitor looking for work and taking the shilling from those who hire him.

On the other hand  I can tell you the name I have been given as the main circulator of the document…guess who?

Our very own Akhtar.

He has circulated it to three people all of whom forwarded it to me, two of whom tell me he is busy sending it to anyone he thinks important, and maybe gullible enough to agree with it.

Did he, or friends, or family commission it? Did Chris write it as a sales document, hoping to get follow up business and if so why did Akhtar leap upon it and start circulating it?

It confirms something we already know.

Akhtar, Mahroof, possibly Shabanah and Showkat are running a covert propaganda campaign  aimed at the rehabilitation of themselves in the eyes of local politicians and those in their community who see tham a political disaster for community relations.

In fact there is a clear strategy emerging; not to ensure the wellbeing of the Pakistani community, but of their own families. It is:

–  See their and  Labours current disgrace as political blip; remembering that a week is a long time in politics plan for the longer term

–  Slowly rewrite history and discredit the Jay and other critical reports (see Akhtar below). Play on the fact that the majority haven’t read the full detail and therefore often judge the reports in personal or emotional terms

– Work behind the scenes to build power within the local party, bringing forward the next generation of Biraderi leaders and fellow travellers into party posts and seats where possible, using poor attendance and their sleeper vote at Ward and CLP meetings to win selection process and opress internal debate.

–  Quietly reduce support for and take advantage of key figures (e.g. Lakin) losing their seats in 2015 by seeking to present candidates of their choice and gain  promotion within a Labour Group denuded of some current Cabinet members.

–  Work towards Sarah Champions defeat by UKIP in 2015, by covertly withdrawing support for her and de facto supporting UKIP. Discredit her for being too keen to pursue child protection issues to the detriment of the Labour Council Group (another reason why Akhtar finds the solicitors report attractive…it makes Sarah’s child protection work appear misplaced or at least an over reaction), and fail to bring out the Pakistani vote.

– Selection of a candidate from their own Biraderi group to fight against a UKIP MP in 2020.


Download document as a .pdf here.

9 thoughts on “Akhtar & Mahroof: More Labour Treason?

  1. If this is true then some investigation needs to be taking place by the labour party who may be running the council through the nec it is possible this is happening Paul Lakin thinks by announcing a cut in councillors expenses he will buy votes, does anyone remember Peter Thirwell who tried some time ago to get councillors to reduce their allowances but was laughed at by the same labour councillors think about it


  2. Nice piece of work by these solicitors , but undermine by the same criticisms they make of the Jay report and Risky Business, generalisation . He claims that the data was flawed and
    Iimited, some of the workers were untrained and unprofessional, witness statements were unreliable, Police and Council inaction was unbelievable. If this was an isolated problem in Rotheham, then some of they assertions may have held water, although still leaking. What he can’t refute is this pattern of criminality has been widespread and under reported. The majority of the criminals are Pakistani, operating in grooming gangs. The authorities knew and took no action, even cover up. The Jay report was never untended for use in prosecuatios, simply uncovering a serious flaw in local governance.


    • They also forget to mention the girls were under the age of 16, which means it’s a criminal offence, remember these abusers were considerable older than their victims.


  3. Though this appears to be a very well reasoned document, putting forward well reasoned arguments regarding the Jay report where allegation could well have been exaggerated by the victims. However, what Saltrese fails to address is the ethnic culture of the alleged perpetrators. Theirs is a culture which positively supports the abuse of women, particularly females from outside their culture and I believe this is the point which the Jay report tries to stress. A point which no one has ever had the guts to make before for fear of being branded racist and I and many like me believe is the reason why these crimes have been covered up in the past.


    • Its not the point of being racist i will reiterate what i have said many times ANYONE coming to live in the UK shoild adhere to our laws and customs if I go to live elsewhere then I would have to live as they live if they don’t wish to then they shoild leave


  4. Saltrese is a typical legal eagle that would definitely suit Akhtar, make the perpetrator the victim and vilify any one else. Just one instance of ignore or obfuscate is this “the overriding question is why didn’t the researcher report findings to police”. This ignores the furore around the fact that she had sent a letter to the chief police officer, also the threats made to her and her family’s safety by police officers. When reading this so called report bear in mind Saltrese’s position and have in the back of your mind “well he would say that wouldn’t he”. When I was studying for my politics and philosophy degree I was taught to argue from positions i did not believe in, the ones doing their law degrees were taught the same. This report does not mean that the Jay report is wrong or not true, there is too much evidence to back it up; all this is is and advertising leaflet.
    Dave Smith


    • Dave I would like all the councillors who were at the seminar concerning the abuse to man up and admit there involvement but as the local mp’s are suing UKIP members that does not seem likely to happen the victims are the ones who are suffering here but it seems no one cares


  5. If Paul Lakin had any leadership qualities at all, then he will relieve Mahroof Hussain of his Cabinet position forthwith! We shall see if this leadership test Paul Lakin will rise to?


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