News Monday 26 January 2015

Plan to take out injunctions against suspected Rotherham child abusers

Rotherham Council is to explore whether injunctions can be taken out against suspected child abusers to stop them contacting their victims.

The idea – designed to be used against suspected offenders who there is not enough criminal proof against to secure convictions – is being looked at following similar measures being used by Birmingham Council.

More on Bashir, kindly supplied by Regular Reader:

Farage attempt to discredit defector backfires on party

The Times revealed last May that several employees at Zouk Tea Bar & Grill had been arrested over suspected immigration offences. Mr Bashir then registered his resignation as a director at Companies House, but backdated the record of resignation to a month before the incident.

Ukip claims that it was only later that it came to believe Mr Bashir had “told fibs”. However, the party has known the sequence of events since the publication of the original article. Despite this, officials filed a formal grievance through the Press Complaints Commission, claiming that the article was inaccurate. Ukip dropped the claim when challenged by The Times.”

War of words as ‘fit and proper’ Euro MP leaves UKIP for Tories

THE UK Independence Party’s remaining Yorkshire Euro MPs say they will “pick ourselves up and carry on” after their colleague Amjad Bashir defected to the Conservatives.

The decision by Mr Bashir, who owns restaurants in Bradford, prompted a war of words today between the two parties over his previous conduct.

More on the Bashir front from Guido:

Bashir ‘Lied’ About Times Illegal Immigrants Exposé

21 thoughts on “News Monday 26 January 2015

  1. Better late than never about the injunctions againist the abuser’s, however will the Council and Police allow details of these people to be publish or will they protect their human rights, something they didn’t do for their victims for 16 years?


  2. The injunction proposal is a good start – as well as more prosecutions of course. The sooner the better. Anything that will help target the abusers is welcomed. Personally I think they should all be named. How this stands legally I am not too sure but Birmingham may have set a precedent. .

    As for the the spat between Mr Bashir, The Tories and UKIP. If you use defectors as a publicity stunt (as UKIP gleefully did) you can’t really complain if it goes the other way. However, like I said at the time it was an accident waiting to happen. I still think Mr Richardson’s comments about the NHS will last longer in the public’s minds. That’s what most people I know are talking after the weekend’s events. Apart form the FA Cup shocks that is.

    SKT xxxx


  3. …and the next up is UKIPs Housing Spokesperson Andrew Charalambous
    ( , )

    Ukip spokesman who made fortune as landlord for immigrants pledges to ban them from Right to Buy
    Previously he was exposed in the Times for embroidering his qualifications. .
    Lucy Fisher Political Correspondent
    Last updated at 12:01AM, October 15 2014
    A senior Ukip spokesman has been exposed as claiming to hold a “fake” degree and a professorship at an unaccredited academic institution.
    Andrew Charalambous, the party’s housing and environment spokesman, is listed on a Facebook page as holding a “PhD in the parallels between Plato’s Utopia and Spartan Society”. He was listed on his official website as being a “professor of environmental sciences”.
    Last night he removed mention of the professorship from his website, and also removed claims that he “is a qualified Barrister-at-Law” and a “Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts”. Still remaining on his biography page, however, were claims that he was “a Special Constable for eighteen years. Serving with the City of London Police Detachment of the Honourable Artillery Company.”
    Yesterday Mr Charalambous claimed that he was not the author of the Facebook page or linked to it in any way, but repeated to The Times the claim that he holds a doctorate.
    When asked if he held a PhD from the same institution as his professorship, Universitas Sancti Cyrilli, he said: “Yes, same place. That’s in similar sort of things, yeah.”
    The institution, based in Malta, said yesterday that it is not a university and is not able to award degrees. Alfred Baldacchino, the director of the organisation, said it is an educational institution but has no buildings, headquarters or staff in Malta.
    Mr Charalambous said that the claim about his professorial post “shouldn’t be on” his website and that the “website people take stuff from various places and they put that on there”.
    He said it was an “honorary thing”, awarded for his contributions to ecology at Surya, an ecological nightclub in King’s Cross, London, in which he is a shareholder.
    He also alluded to the doctorate as honorary, describing Universitas Sancti Cyrilli as a “place that’s given me a couple of honorary degrees”.
    Mr Charalambous was criticised in 2008 for using the name of Friends of the Earth without permission.
    His website sets out a number of Ukip policy pledges on the environment and housing. Some of the statistics, the sources of which are not cited, have been called into question.
    The website claims that there are 750,000 British citizens “homeless or sleeping rough” while Crisis and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation stated last December that the number is 185,000.
    Mr Charalambous also claims that there are one million houses lying empty across the UK, but the independent charity Empty Homes claims the figure last year was 635,130.
    According to the Campaign to Protect Rural England, 700,000 homes are planned for the British green belt and countryside, while Mr Charalambous states that the figure is one million.
    On one of his official websites, it says that he has in the past “lived with indigenous tribes including the Dayak, so called ‘headhunter’ tribe of Kalimantan, Borneo” and that he has been “commissioned as a Colonel by the American state of Kentucky”.
    A Ukip spokesman said: “Andrew Charalambous does not have a PhD nor does he claim to have a PhD. The Facebook page which makes the claim was not authored by or controlled by him.”


  4. I’m not convinced these injunctions are the right way forward – On the face of it, it seems like a good idea. They do at least give some reassurance to the victim that their attacker(s) can’t bother them any more (at least in theory they mean that). But I think there is a real danger that the injunctions will be used INSTEAD of prosecutions, rather than only being used when there isn’t enough proof to secure a conviction, i.e, they will issue an injunction at the beginning of an “investigation” and call that the end of the matter rather than collecting and collating all the evidence and pushing for prosecution. Far easier (and cheaper) to get a court order banning an individual from contacting others than it is to take them to trial. Easier, but not the right thing to do. Both RMBC and SYP have form when it comes to not doing the right thing and these injunctions just give them the option of doing nothing whilst appearing to be doing something. Or am I being too cynical?


    • Unfortunately we are where we are.

      The local authorities and the police, in South Yorks and elsewhere, are fatally compromised by years of politically correct “community cohesion” appeasement(and there are darker well merited suspicions of deep corruption). The acts of omission and commission reported by the Times and Jay are so shocking as to amount to outright collusion and complicity.

      Their credibility is shot

      But even if these public guardians were completely wonderful the issues would remain extraordinarily problematical. The methods and structures which have generally served pretty reasonably in the past don’t work in the situation that now confronts us.

      This is utterly intractable – co-operation from the community in bringing the perpetrators to justice has amounted to a big fat zero. The most extreme threats are made to the victims and families, there’s a litany here and some examples that spring to mind are pouring petrol over a girl, threatening to slit a father’s throat, threatening to cut a victim’s face off and behead a baby, rape a mother in the family home, set fire to the family home and so on and so forth..

      Groomers are a dab hand at perverting the course of justice

      “A BRIERFIELD man who tried to scupper a major sex abuse trial by cajoling the teenage victim into writing a retraction letter has been jailed for four years.”

      The victims have little faith in the ability of what passes for authority to protect them.

      And given this kind of thing that is hardly suprising

      “The court heard that the girls had been taunted and insulted by friends and family of the defendants since coming forward, including being bombarded by obscene messages, called sluts and accused of being racist.

      Judge Walford described the girls’ treatment as “appalling”, adding that it revealed a “profoundly worrying attitude about the offending”.

      Profoundly worrying? No kidding Sherlock!

      So obviously we aren’t going to be seeing the justice that the victims and their families deserve.

      Therefore, having said that the injunctions, unsatisfactory and of limited effectiveness as they are, are currently about the only recourse available


  5. The thing with all this is that South Yorkshire Police are not doing what they as a police force
    Are employed by the Tax payer to do and that is protect the vulnerable
    5 months on from the Jay report and no further forward
    12.years on after Risky Business report no further forward
    They got Alcopone through tax evasion
    They know who some of them are so why are they still on the streets
    There’s more than one way to skin a cat
    So why are they not using it Come on SYP think outside the box
    And toughen up with the suspected perpetrators get them locked up one way or the other


    • Cavan, RR and R Wilde, have you ever thought that it might be the Crown Prosecution Service who are at fault here? The police can only provide the evidence they are able to gather and you would be the first to complain if they “manufactured ” evidence. Perhaps the CPS are demanding too high a standard of proof. It is never the decision of the police whether to prosecute, it is that of the CPS who often decide not to prosecute when the police are satisfied they have enough evidence.


      • No I haven’t ever thought that it might be the Crown Prosecution Services fault, not when South Yorkshire Police officers call the victims “little slags” and claim they were consenting (even though legally a child can’t consent to their own abuse, something every copper SHOULD know).

        Did you read the Jay report? Where a Police officer finds a girl drunk in a car with her abuser, with indecent photos of the girl on his phone? Did the Police tell the CPS about that one, or did they just turn a blind eye? Or the bit about a young girl being found in a house full of men who had got her drunk and gave her drugs, yet SHE got arrested and nothing was said to any of the men present, was that down to the CPS? When Police officers threatened the Home Office researcher for digging a little too deeply, was that the CPS’s fault too? What about the worried father who told the Police where his missing daughter was and who she was with, yet they arrested the father, was that the CPS’s fault too? Or was it the Police not doing the job of Policing very well?

        Doesn’t matter what standard of evidence is required, if the Polices attitude is to blame the victim are they likely to present any evidence to the CPS in the first place?

        Justice? With Courage? Really?


      • Certainly the case that the CPS doesn’t have a particularly impressive track record

        “Greater Manchester Police and the Crown Prosecution Service came in for particular criticism for how they handled a reported claim of rape by one of the girls highlighted in today’s serious case review into grooming in Rochdale.”

        This is another aspect of just how systemic the failure to address the horror is.

        It looks like nationally there has only been one alleged grooming gang charged since September, in Buckinghamshire.

        The author of the highly detailed Law and Freedom predicted in 2013 that numbers being charged would drop off as police budgets came under ever greater pressure through government spending reductions. These investigations are complex, present great difficulty and are extremely heavy on scarce resources. Even with the spotlight on Rotherham the plods have thus far achieved sweet fa in terms of charges since Jay.

        Another predictable issue is a change in the methods used by the groomers, they have thought – with good reason – that they could operate with impunity. But after the high profile trials 2012-13 that can no longer apply. So more than likely they will use cheap throwaway mobiles so their records can’t be traced, up the threat level to victims and families even more, and exercise more caution in their choice of venue for their atrocious


  6. Would I be right in thinking that these injunction orders are same as abduction orders and similar to restraining orders,so pretty same to bail conditions aswell ,,
    I carnt see this working at all ,,, I’ve dealt with both CSE and domestic V ,,,
    And have watched the perpetrators break all the conditions that was put in place and nothing was done at all ,,, was even moved to live down the road from the victim.
    This is just a nother way of putting things in place but when it comes to it not actually doing anything at all ,,, it’s all about inquiry’s and conferences , meetings but this isn’t working with the victims or survivors ,,, the money councils spends on these meetings could be used on counciling ,,,


  7. Ha ha rr – I am of course not expecting a reply any time soon, if at all.
    There are 2 options of phone numbers – public and press – but I am almost sure that 030 numbers are neither local or free.If I find out that they are, then I shall telephone.


    • MB
      030 numbers – non-profit organisations
      030 numbers are specially designed for non-profit organisations, charities and public bodies to offer consumers a single point of contact nationally. The BBC, the Met Police, the RSPCA, local councils, Ofcom and a number of government departments use 030 numbers.
      Calls cost no more than calls to geographic (01 and 02) numbers and must be included in inclusive minutes and discount schemes in the same way. Calls from landlines are typically charged between 1p and 9p per minute, calls from mobiles typically cost between 5p and 31p per minute. Calls from landlines and mobiles are included in free call packages.
      Regarding getting answers from Gov Depts.
      1. If you are not an accredited journo, don’t email the Press Office, it just slows things down – ‘cos once they’ve read it they will just send it to the bottom of the queue of the Public Enquiry team.
      2. Try to make your enquiry read like more than just idle curiosity, even when that is all it is.
      – Add context, show some real interest in the subject – if necessary tell a few fibs.
      The Department did say that the Minister had given Ms Casey a time extension for delivery – so cite that;
      – maybe tell them you are trying to plan your summer holidays at the South Pole and that you don’t want to be away when the report is finally published, – well everyone knows how poor mobile reception is down there.


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