Breaking News – Mahroof Resigns Doyle too!

Twitter, as usual, is first with the news! More later, Rik.

Councillors quit — but dispute “in denial” claims

Will Mahroof Hussain be handing back his MBE? He should!

If we are lucky we will get another report from Robin, reflecting upon the momentous events of the last few days, how about it?

21 thoughts on “Breaking News – Mahroof Resigns Doyle too!

  1. Looks to me like this particular pair want to blame other people. Nothing new there then.

    Its worth looking at some of the comments in the statement that just shows how lacking they were.

    1. “Cabinet had been well aware of the task ahead of them following the Jay Report last year”.

    So why did’nt they do more to put things right?

    2. “After the publication of the Jay Report in August last year, it became clear that there were many people in Rotherham more anxious to guard their reputations than protect the children of Rotherham”.

    Hasn’t it been the case for a long time that guarding reputations took precedence over protecting children? None more so that the two who have who produced the press statement. Take the loss of all the laptops from Norfolk House containing confidential information about vulnerable children and the lies created to cover it up ‘in the interest of guarding the Council’s reputation’.

    3. “The whole cabinet tried its best rapidly to heal the town’s wounds and rebuild trust in the council, but a culture established over decades is difficult to overhaul completely in a few weeks.

    A few weeks? Wasn’t the new Cabinet brought in around September of 2014?

    Even though they’ve resigned they still have more spin than a merry go round.

    The B


  2. Mahroof was never an asset to the Labour Party, but a total liability. Many others should now consider their own positions before putting their resignations in tomorrow! Labour Group have destroyed everyone’s faith in them, they should all go!


  3. These two are still in denial, and still trying to cover for their Cabinet lackys. Note that whilst the Cabinet Members have resigned en mass, they have NOT resigned as RMBC Cllrs (with the exception of those above). They are continuing to draw OUR tax money, and will try to bluff it out until May. They have admitted complete failure by removing themselves from the Cabinet, they should now stand down in full, or are we to have another Police and Crime Commissioner farce.
    The likes of Cllr Beck and the others, clinging on is shameful, what makes him think he will be able to stand in May he has admitted he is not up to the job, something everyone has been saying everyday since his appointment to Cabinet.
    (Note the deafening silence from the Chair of the Taxi Licensing Committee, Cllr Dalton, After being savaged by the Secretary for State, you would have thought she would have had some comment to make, or has she gone already?.


  4. Mahroof was the Cabinet Member responsible for ‘Community Cohesion’.
    How much cohesion (or should that be coercion?) did he show to the children who have been abused and driven about in taxis connected to him and/or his family? How many of his misdemeanours were overlooked by Lakin on the proviso he delivered the votes?
    It is to be hoped his passport has been blocked so he cannot leave for an extended ‘holiday’ in his native land.
    There are several unanswered questions regarding his past conduct and his association with those who know what happened in Rotherham.
    Meanwhile Miliband remains silent.


  5. i thought whole cabinet resigned yesterday?? mahroof’s political hopes in tatters. dont see what he can do to regain trust. but that goes for all councillors. only way councillors who’ve gone but deny they knew anything have to provide some sort of evidence…atm it just seems one word v another


  6. Yorkshire Post reports Labour MP John Mann calling for all existing councilors not to run for reelection. I presume he means just Labour ones? He points out that victims couldn’t go into the surgeries and raise issues because they just wouldn’t trust them. He has a point. For that reason alone they should clear off…


  7. A Labour councillor in Rotherham is under investigation by the party for his alleged use of bullying and intimidation to stifle discussion of the town’s sex-grooming scandal.
    Mahroof Hussain, who announced his resignation from the authority yesterday, is the subject of complaints from a fellow Labour councillor and another member of the local party, relating to separate incidents last year.

    No prizes for guessing why the complaints have suddenly been made.
    Ship.Rats Deserted.Leaving.


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