Is that it?

Rotherham Labour Group web site is carrying this rather inadequate response that still contains traces of the ‘culture of denial’ that persists to this day, despite the Jay Report and now Louise Casey’s report pointing out the truth!

This is Labour Group’s statement:

We want to thank Louise Casey for her report today.

Of course our primary concern remains the welfare of the survivors and victims of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham.

Since the publication of the Jay Report, the council has begun to take measures to improve the support for victims, bringing in new management, and to tighten licensing controls.

Sadly, as the report today makes clear, we have not been able to do enough, quickly enough.

In light of this report, the Council’s Cabinet announced earlier today that they take responsibility for the failings and are stepping down as Commissioners come in to Rotherham.

We welcome their appointment and look forward to working with them to improve services for all of Rotherham residents.

The council has today written to the Department for Communities and Local Government to ask the Commissioners to start their work as soon as possible, and to seek further details about how the new arrangements will work.

We will keep the public informed of developments as they occur over the coming days.

There is nothing further that I can add at this time.

Cllr Chris Read, Labour Group spokesperson.

14 thoughts on “Is that it?

  1. “Of course our primary concern remains the welfare of the survivors and victims of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham.”

    I think that’s colloquially called “taking the piss” .

    Look, they are bunch of brain-dead idiots – many left-wing councils in safe-seat cities contain such idiots. Salford is about the worst, with Manchester and Sheffield not far behind.
    Idiots follow rules and procedures because they are incapable of independent thought, and if they are in positions of power, they promote similar idiots , because they can’t recognise intelligence.
    Very soon, the whole system is full of rule-following, box tickers following procedures made up by other idiots.
    That’s what happens in these sort of organisations, especially Labour-controlled councils, and it’s no surprise that rule-quoting loud-mouths rise to the top, and the downward spiral continues until a catastrophe occurs that wasn’t covered in the rule-book.

    The reason WHY these Rotherham creatures don’t understand what they did wrong is not because they were deliberately evil – they were just thick and easily manipulated.

    It’s the old but true addage – the lunatics have taken over the asylum.


    • Are they thick or just warped? Spin, evasion and deceit has become second nature to them. I suppose it is a combination of crass idiocy and politically correct malignancy


      • No, they’re thick. Evasion and deceit are the ways that thick people try to cover their errors because they think no one can see what they are doing. – mostly they just use stonewalling. You don’t have to be intelligent to be evasive or deceitful.
        Look at the Home Office select committee interviews with that moron Thacker and the evn more stupid Wright to see stonewalling at its best.
        The only one that came out of it with any sort of credibility was Meredydd Hughes – at least he had some realisation of his past inabilities.
        Sadly, Crompton is another of the old guard – in charge of a police force that’s still trying to cover its back.


  2. Still cannot accept what happened. The most sad sight from yesterday was on the channel four news when the reporter was asking questions of Labour Party Members who were entering the Town hall for a Party Meeting. Cllrs were STILL denying the validity of the reports and asking for “Independents” to review them. The biggest gaff was from Cllr Watson who said he disagreed with the report and was in denial, then admitted he had not read it. What is it with Cllrs in Anston ( he represents Wales but lives there) none of them have expressed remorse and non will admit that they had anything to do with it
    Everyone should be up for Election this year. Lets clear out the rotten apples.


    • Well that sum it up for me, always thought how was they going to deal with this problem if you have the same people, who claim it didn’t happen or so widespread running the show. Remember Larkin pretending he had done a good job and they were making improvements. What a joke.

      Remember those MP’s are just as bad.


  3. RMBC collectively denying they are in denial. Another Up Cockus Tremendous from Rotherham Labour Councillors. Can it get worse? Oh yes.(sorry Churchill) Now the Casey Report has been published and the guilty ones have scurried back to their hidey-holes the NCA can get on with the job they are entrusted to do, bring these people to justice.
    RMBC councillors discredited, Rotherham CLP vanished, What’s not to like?
    Meanwhile Miliband is promising to ‘fight for ordinary people’. Yeah right, like his councillors fought for the citizens of Rotherham? You’re havin’ a laugh Ed and the Westminster bubble you inhabit is about to burst. Miliband must choose; either you are for us or you are against us. What is it to be?
    Your choice Ed.


  4. The Casey Report is the best thing to happen in Rotherham for the past 40 years. At last someone has had the opportunity to really examine Elected Members and Senior Officers within RMBC and to expose their staggering incompetence. It really beggars belief that these imbeciles are STILL questioning the Jay Report in a futile attempt to deny their blatant failings.
    Roger Stone has been exposed as a “bully” and a “sexist”. Why did he and Shaun Wright refuse to assist the Casey Inspection?? Now that Andrew Norfolk has made serious allegations of CSE involving 2 Councillors and one SY Police officer the stakes have risen even higher. I feel that the people of Rotherham owe a genuine debt of gratitude to Mr Norfolk for his hard work and sheer tenacity in bringing the whole stinking mess that is RMBC into the light despite all the efforts by elected members to keep it under wraps. Given the Pickles intervention this town now has the opportunity to get rid of the old and welcome the new. Don’t let us miss this opportunity to turn this town around by using our votes effectively and not simply voting for “the monkey wearing the red rosette”.


  5. The victims dont want any more political vultures preying on them. Using what theyv suffered, stampeding right over them , so they themselves are safe.
    Call the asians what you like.. they can organise a meeting. They dont come across as divided. They stick together when push comes to shove. Community is disappearing. Rotherham needs to restore a few things . Restore childhood, morals, community pride.


  6. Answer to S Thornton , Cllr Watson is probably not the only one not to,have read the report. The problem with cllrs they dont always read their minutes let alone understand them


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