Economist – Beyond the beachheads

Beyond the beachheads

Watch not where UKIP wins seats in May, but where it comes second

AT FIRST Nigel Farage seemed unwelcome in Rotherham. The leader of the populist UK Independence Party (UKIP) was visiting the hilly Yorkshire town on February 6th to open its campaign headquarters there, but was now trapped inside it. Protesters had gathered outside the front door, chanting and brandishing placards accusing UKIP of bigotry. Passing cars and vans honked, to cheers.

Thanks go to our spotter who has ticked the no publicity box.

3 thoughts on “Economist – Beyond the beachheads

  1. TUSC, spiteful insipid and very worried cowards. They want to maintain the status quo and if that means we carry on getting dumped on for the next 100 years that’s fine by them.
    They are part of the problem.


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