Private Eye – Barron in HP Sauce

Private Eye takes aim at our Kev. Kevin deploys the ‘Manuel defence’:

PE  18 Feb 2015

4 thoughts on “Private Eye – Barron in HP Sauce

  1. Does anyone believe that Local MP , the honourable Sir Kevin Barron, knew about only one case of CSE , way back in 2003. And that nobody and I mean nobody ever told him of it’s scale, when his Daughter Amy Rushworth has been on the council since 2000 and his Brother was on the council until recently.


  2. Don’t think anyone with an ounce of sense could possibly believe it, Manco1.
    Everyone involved has been covering each others backs for so long that they believe it themselves and that’s all they are bothered about.


  3. The defence lawyer for Jane Collins in the libel case brought by Heeley, Champion and Barron must be looking forward to his day in court with glee.


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