Rotherham – Rotten Boroughs

The latest edition of Private Eye has this in the Rotten Boroughs section:

PE RB 18 Feb 2015

4 thoughts on “Rotherham – Rotten Boroughs

  1. I’ve said it before, but we do have a lot of dummy’s working in the Child Protection agencies. Clearly they were impress with Rotherham Children’s Service’s presentational skills, instead of substance. The NWG must be not only the laughing stock of an already discredited profession, but the public.


  2. What will happen is this…NOTHING…because these people like Jacky Jenkinson( now Wilson) know though a lot of hot air will be blown she and others in the council will be protected from prosecution.Things have to change so those in charge of such an important office like child protection should if negligence is proved be prosecuted. And if the negligence is severe has happened in Rotherham they should feel the full justice of the law which would include jail time and any bonuses returned.If this happened you could guarantee that the people who would occupy such a department like child protection in the future would be the best.


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