By request – Allen Cowles and Bernard Froggatt first leaflet in Anston & Woodsetts

Specially requested as this is the first sign of Allen Cowles UKIP PPC, Rother Valley Constituency and Bernard Froggatt the UKIP candidate for the Borough local seat of Anston & Woodsetts.

Froggatt1 12 Mar 2015Froggatt 12 Mar 2015

24 thoughts on “By request – Allen Cowles and Bernard Froggatt first leaflet in Anston & Woodsetts

    • Bernard is a nice bloke, he’s soft spoken and hasn’t got a bad word for anyone. I know that he sponsors a lot of needy groups in his area. He will make a good councillor for Anston and Woodsetts . Got to be better than the one who’s retired(de-selected)
      Allen Cowles will beat nutkin. And deservedly so


      • labour were polled last year not lose many seats to UKIP. They took 9 and lost the majority of the others by some less than 30 votes. One by 3. I’m not a betting man, nor am I blinkered.


      • Well that may be how you see him, but I can assure you there are alternative opinions. As for him making a good councillor, I’m afraid I don’t have your faith. Like any council ward, A&W needs someone with a bit of dynamism and imagination who will appeal to the whole electorate – no way does Bernard fit those requirement.


      • Coverup , it was never the case that UKIP were not expected to gain many votes in the EU or Council elections last year – and I am sure they will do well in the local council elections this year – I am certainly to vote for them if Cllr Swift stands again in my patch, but they are projected to end up with no more than 3 MPs in the Parliamentary elections.


  1. How disappointing that two of their three top concerns are immigration and then cutting foreign aid. Little Englanderism at it’s “finest”. Keeping the foreign aid budget healthy and better managed is a sure fire way to tackle unbridled immigration. We need to improve the prospects for the poorest in the world. But there is nothing on the redistribution of wealth within the UK either. Is this because UKIP basically buy in to the inequalities of market economics where the rich get richer and the poor stand still? What about the huge amounts of money that could be saved by tackling tax evasion by the richest individuals and companies? These alone would solve difficulties in funding public services. What about tackling the banking culture? What about reducing the obscene profits of energy and train companies? Interestingly, they don’t even mention the EU, wierd. And no comment on the need for political reform. It’s all very inconsistent, narrow and badly thought out…doesn’t tackle the real issues.


    • None of the campaign literature being put out in Rotherham area mentions the EU; it’s very weird.
      Here’s a selection of recent UKIP campaign lit from around the of UK. Spot the similarities and differences:
      What UKIP Councillor Caven Vine thinks about all this cutting “Foreign Aid” – financial support for International development, would be nice to know, He does know what it is like to be on the ground in the developing world.
      (Note: there is much I personally would like to change about Dfid, but I definitely don’t want to cut its budget).


    • Rev, don’t you think, after the past few years of austerity in the country to get back on track after labours efforts to bankrupt us, we should cut down on what we give to other countries. Particularly those much richer than we are. India for example, they can afford a Space Programme, we can’t. Many African Countries where the money goes to the rich there, not a penny to the poor.
      We must get our own economy on track before we give money away to these countries. Spending money on care for our elderly is far more important, money these people have paid into the system to help with their old age only to see it given away to some undeserving country which treats its people like s**t. Let’s get our own house in order before we start giving away our hard earned.


      • I have known Richard Fleming since childhood, we went through school together. He was a good lad, likeable and friendly, and also very bright. He currently sits on Maltby Town Council. Hellaby could do much worse, he’d be a good councillor.


    • Samson, That is really interesting!
      Whilst it was apparently first published on 9 or maybe 13 March – no newspaper seems to have picked up on it, it’s not even mentioned on
      I know little about polling and the rules that apply but what hit me was that the control – described as: “The poll of English adults involved a ‘split sample’ so that support for the policies could be compared between respondents who were told that they were UKIP policies, and respondents who were not told. ” may not have been sufficient. In my achnoleged inexperience in these matters , I would have though that it might have added value to have included a policy that was not associated with UKIP – and pretended it was.


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