Badger – Observations at Bailey House

Today I had reason to visit Bailey House. As I was approaching the building I saw Reg Littleboy in the car park who was waiting for someone to get out of a car. The person getting out of the car was none other than Saint Sarah who Reg embraced and hugged with smiles all round.

They managed to get to the door of Bailey House just before me and whilst they were invited in to take a seat in the foyer, I was left to wait outside (obviously I’m not important enough to be allowed in so it seems there’s one set of standards for the Labour heroes and another set of standards for us non descripts).

As I waited to be let in and I could see they were clearly enjoying each others company, it occurred to me that if Saint Sarah is apparently so disliked by many of the Rotherham Labour Group, why is one of the Rotherham Labour old guard her election agent? Even Roger ‘I’m innocent’ Stone claims to have been her mentor.

I find it difficult to believe that her morals, ethics and way of doing things aren’t being shaped or at least being influenced by the Rotherham Labour group members. That’s the same Labour group members who oversaw a failed and inept council, who allowed CSE to go on unchallenged and who still deny the failings outlined in the Casey report.

The Labour old guard such as Littleboy are still influencing what happens in Rotherham, they still hold the power and they still pull the strings. Ms Champion is so closely tied to the Rotherham Labour group how can she be so two faced as to bang the drum for abused children whilst enjoying the support and friendship of those who allowed the abuse to go on for so long?

I signed my papers in the foyer and got the hell out of there as quick as I could, the atmosphere was starting to make me feel sick.

The Badger

31 thoughts on “Badger – Observations at Bailey House

  1. The point is that her election agent is one of the people who controlled the Labour group throughout the time that child abuse was allowed to go unchallenged and was covered up.

    The same child abuse that Ms Champion now uses as tool to progress her career.


  2. I don’t see how her election agent pulls Champion’s strings. His role is to run her election campaign, nothing more. Every PPC must have an election agent (they can be their own agent but very few are as it’s too onerous). Who would you be happy for her to have as her agent?


  3. Sorry I meant PC not PPC! Whilst we’re talking about PCs can anyone shed any light on the identity of Bill? I got a letter from UKIP’s candidate Jane Collins today together with a residents survey. It asked if I would support UKIP and Bill. I have no idea who Bill is!


    • Lets stick to the point here and not divert towards UKIP (a usual Labour ploy).

      The fact is that Ms Champion has chosen her own agent and has decided to have a leading member of the Rotherham Labour group. The same Labour group member who is famous for saying ‘what happens in the Labour group, stays in the Labour group’. (In other words, we are not transparent and all our work is done behind closed doors)

      That’s the same person who was and still is a major player in the Labour group who presided over an inept and failed council that covered up the abuse of children. Just to remind you, Ms Champion’s biggest selling point to the electorate is the work she has done on child protection.

      Whether she realises it or not, she is inextricably tied to the same people who failed those children in the first place.

      The B.

      PS A brownie point for anyone who can name Ms Champion’s original election agent.


      • I went to see Reg Littleboy seeking help to get SYPolice to investigate a crime since he was on the South Yorkshire Police Authority for many years. He did nothing to help and stated he could do nothing to help . So why was he on this Authority?


  4. I think the point here is that it is the candidate and not the local party who appoints his/her election agent. Ms. Champion must therefore have chosen this person herself.


  5. Keep asking her where Rotherham Labour Party are while she is door knocking with her mates from Sheffield and Nottingham no answer


  6. The serious point here is that Champion who has repeatedly used the failings of the Rotherham Labour group on child rape to further her political career has an agent from the very same group who failed to stop the systematic rape and abuse of children in the town.

    Just when you thought it safe to vote for a Labour MP, along comes Champion to prove you so, so very wrong.


  7. A vote for Champion is a vote for Rotherham Labour and all it has done to Rotherham over the last 20 years.

    Just bear that in mind when you put your cross in the box in May.


  8. Can’t be that daft our Reg. I mean, which level headed, red blooded male like Reg would sooner cuddle Calamity Jane than our Sarah eh? Has Calamity accused anyone of being a peadophile this week?


  9. Remember Ms Champion has constantly blamed the same Labour Party as responsible for allowing this abuse to happen to these children and has never missed an opportunity, via the media to let people know. The ultimate betrayal of trust of the victims. I’ve constantly said that she was an opportunists, looking to further her political career.


  10. So Littleboy is involved with Sarah Champion, well that totally destroys any credibility she had in my view – hmmm, now let me think, if you recall, Littleboy was also Cllr Read’s promoter in the 2011 election, when he didn’t comply with his Labour Party’s own guidance when stating his postal address i.e. your “place of residence must be fully stated, including the name of the town or village.” Chris Read stated how he lived at “2A Church Street, Rotherham, S64 8QA” – this is actually in Swinton for those who don’t recognise S64!!

    So, as for Saint Sarah, having now associated herself with Littleboy, she will no longer be able to claim any moral high ground whatsoever and given the Badger’s report, it appears that it’s business as usual down at Town Hall Towers, in spite of these Commissars that have been parachuted in.


  11. The victims were used and abused by the perpetrators; they are now used by a Labour politician to retain her seat, a damming indictment of the political class here in Rotherham.

    Hang your head in shame Miss Champion.


      • Sajid Bostan on behalf of Mahroof and Jahangir and others. I must say it alarms me still at it’s implications? Above the law, as far as they were concerned and any rule or code of conduct too! A full on culture of impunity, frightening!


  12. I was at Bailey house yesterday, I was just walking to the car when I came across Regie boy stood, complete with Labour rosette. Now me and Regie go back along way, my friendship with him is on a par with the one I have with Sir Nutkin. Like Poison and hate me come to mind, but hey being the forgiving guy I am I went up to him shook him by the hand and said you were my overman at Treeton pit. I was in the middle of telling him my name when he said through gritted teeth and false smile I know who you are. My last words to him were see you at the count, I do love bringing joy into numpties lives.
    Dave Smith


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