7 thoughts on “The Times – Youth worker blew whistle on sex grooming scandal

  1. George Valentine
    Congratulations to the Rotherham youth worker for exposing sex grooming scandal this took guts but there was no convictions because of lack of evidence and without evidence the abusers run free. I show everyone who suspects hospital abuse, child abuse or married people who are victims of beatings how to get the evidence that will stand up in a court of law and guarantee a conviction.
    Just put up “Advice for whistle-blowers on you tube” on the internet watch the 14 minute DVD video and it show you how to use secret CCTV small hidden cameras in place to combat serious abuse. Panorama used this method to film serious abuse in Bristol and again in Croydon resulting in the jailing of the abusers generally no evidence no conviction. Every time you here of hidden camera evidence getting a conviction for abuse, it is most likely been got by watching the video that shows how easy and cheap it is to collate the evidence

    You can view the video by clicking on “Nationwide Carers” down the right hand side of this page. ROTHPOL put this website there to help and advice elderly, sick, disabled and people who suspect serious abuse. So visit the “whistle-blowing section” or “the child abuse section” Everyone of the people who have watched the video and got evidence on tape has got the evidence they need to stop the abuse. Remember report abuse with times and dates only can take years if ever to prove. Report abuse with times and dates with camera evidence will only take months and you have the evidence to insure action.


  2. Well done this worker, because of her courage and Andrew Norfolk persistence, this scandal was finally exposed. Just a pity those other fine, upstanding, public servants of Rotherham, didn’t show the same character as this woman. Just perhaps many children and there families could’ve been spared such pain.


  3. This woman deserves the highest honour possible bestowed on a civilian… The useless RMBC’s attempt to bring criminal charges against her is beneath contempt and deserves the public humiliation that will be their legacy for life.


    • I wouldn’t have thought that useless was the right word to use in this context. It’s bloody sinister is what it is and bears more than a passing resemblance to East Germany circa 1972 or thereabouts.

      Here again we see the disturbing link between the Stasi Plod and Labour Council apparatchiks

      “In September 2012 Superintendent Andrew Parker, then a member of Rotherham Safeguarding Children’s Board, told the Rotherham Advertiser that the leak was “disloyal”. “The consequence is that victims will be less trustful of giving us access to their lives and concerns. It’s completely destructive to the confidence we are trying to build and it’s exploitation in itself.””

      For sheer unadulterated politically correct cant that really takes some beating, and is all of a piece with the intimidation of the HO researcher……….

      “He and a colleague said words along the lines of ‘Wouldn’t it be a shame if these perpetrators found out where you and your family lived’.

      “And I took that as a direct threat to my personal safety. The message was very clear.”

      South Yorkshire Police say they can not comment on that particular claim.”


      Of course it can never be emphasised enough that there was absolutely nothing exceptional about Rotherham, bar the courage and integrity of Jayne Senior of course. The pattern of abuse in Rotherham was and is replicated across the country, and so must have been the response of politically correct cover up.

      It seems that the Labour Home Office played a pretty malign role in this context

      “The extent to which the former Labour government tried to play down criminality and extremism among British Muslims for fear of undermining community cohesion is revealed today, as the fallout from the Rotherham sex abuse scandal continued

      The publication last week of Professor Alexis Jay’s report into grooming by Muslim gangs in Rotherham has triggered widespread criticism over how much the council and the police knew about the abuse more than a decade ago.

      The Independent on Sunday can reveal that a House of Commons committee is to investigate what Tony Blair’s Home Office knew about the Rotherham scandal as far back as 2001 after more evidence emerged about his government’s efforts to pacify Muslim communities..”


      Who knows we might eventually get something out of the HOC committee, though I wouldn’t bet on it, it has only been 9 months after all.

      There should of course be a stand alone enquiry into the activities and extent of Muslim, predominantly Pakistani, grooming groups/gangs and the political and institutional failings and cover ups in response,

      Instead of which it is apparently to be lumped into the over-arching CSA enquiry, whose remit is vast and which goes back decades. This is the perfect receipe for confusion, obfuscation and interminable delay. There is no doubt that this will suit many people’s book very well.


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