Breaking – Latest from RPHDA, what planet are they on?

The latest from our taxi drivers association, hints at desperation to me, especially so, after yesterday’s meeting with Commissioner Ney? Wonder what drivers make of this?

CCTV – we have proposed that we do not disagree with the camera system. We disagree in the strongest possible way with the costs. We drivers believe the cost should be paid by the council and not the taxi drivers.

Fitness + Proper Test – This is too broad and does not have any specific guidelines. Drivers maybe being dismissed behind close doors that have been working for a long time crime free.

BTEC – We have got a clause in this for exceptional circumstances and there is no further issues to raise with this apart from keeping the cost down as low as possible.

Car Age – Currently this is set as 5 years for a new car and you can drive this for 10 years. We are proposing that the deadline is set to 7years for bringing on a new vehicle
and be able to drive a vehicle for upto 12 years.

Door Signs – We believe we need bigger magnates and on display all the time whilst taxi in operation. When parked up at home or elsewhere and not in use, we should be allowed to
remove them for safety reasons.

Shift Patterns and Breaks – We believe this has not been thought out well and issues regarding enforcement should be made clear. What the licensing manager Alan Polo has said this can only be enforced using criteria which is set out by the government. The breaks are for a 9 hour continues driving phase (a 30min break and 2x15min)

Fee Structure – We have asked for a breakdown of each element. At this point they stated to us that we are going to possibly see a decrease in the fee charged for the MOT and intermediary of £30, down to £45.00. We require more transparency and this is an ongoing issue.

CAR – CAT C +D to be considered and should be allowed. This was put forward to council and example given of Auto-Line and other councils, how they are accepting this. Commisioner and Cllr Sue Ellis said they will take back and consider.

Drop Ins to take place, Date and time to be confirmed.

Commisoner was going to agreee a main frame work and create the policy in the next few days. What she has taken away is the implementation factors and dates. She has
stated that no further action will be taken without the association being on board and consulted fully. All agreed and meeting closed.

We the association will now continue to liase and once we have a response to the above points raised, we will be in contact with reps and negotiate futher.



40 thoughts on “Breaking – Latest from RPHDA, what planet are they on?

  1. If this is the standard of written English from
    Chairman Abdul Tariq who works
    Half time Hairdresser.
    Quarter time electrician.
    Quarter time taxi driver.

    And our own General Secretary Azar Afsar
    Part Time phone Tapping & Recording people’s conversations.
    Quarter time Telling people fiction stories of I picked customer from town in Rotherham to Heathrow airport.
    As I was approaching someone flagged me down wanted to go to east midland airport.
    As I got to petrol station some one got in my car and wanted to go to Tinsley.
    I suppose thr 9 hour shift will apply to him or his father Jeff Williams will by pass him.
    Bunch of jockers.


  2. Each and everyone to be scrutinised for tax evasion.
    Any assets over and above the legit takings confiscated and proceeds to the cost of compensation for the CSE victims.
    Some of these are driving new cars, big houses and one person earning.
    And then on top of that tax credits all round.
    If RPHDA is not a legit group then why have they been given the stage to negotiate.
    Abdul Tariq
    Tareq (Eurocab)
    Amar Afsar
    What about the culprits that are still in the wrong for CSE that they know about will they give them up and bring them to justice.
    Will they disclose their earnings and live an honest and honourable living.


  3. We’ve heard from the drivers, surely the Commissioner and the Council had their own minutes of this meeting. Perhaps they could provide this for the general public, so we , as is own right, be fully appraise of what really went on. Perhaps they can put it on the council website?


  4. A ‘Cat D’ car is a car that would cost less to repair than the value of the car, but the repair cost was still deemed excessive by the insurer, while a ‘Cat C’ car was damaged to a point where the repairs would have cost more than the value of the car.
    An example of a ‘Cat C’ write-off would be a car worth £1,000 with a dent that costs £1,200 to fix. If the car is repaired and put back on the road, a Vehicle Identity Check is required from the DVSA for the car to be taxable, and thus roadworthy. However this test does not check if the car has been repaired properly.
    Proposals to use a Cat’ C vehicle are not consistent with the aims of raising vehicle and driver standards and furthermore there should be no excuses for RPHDA drivers not to obtain the BTEC qualification.
    If drivers want RMBC to pay for the purchase of CCTV cameras then perhaps I can persuade our council leaders to pay for my CCTV home installation?
    Fair’s fair.


  5. The council do not pay for anything. It’s the council tax payer who pays. As a tax payer , I object to paying for your expenses. My son, a proper tradesman, has just paid £78 registration, to work on site .Plumbers have to pay for registration Electricians have to pay for registration. In fact many trades and professions have to pay extras. Get your hands in your pockets and pay your own business expenses. like the rest of us instead of just claiming everything you can !


    • Tradesmen are not regulated by the council. That’s the difference. I feel sorry for them that they have to pay so much to be able to then go out and earn money themselves.


      • Tradesmen electricians, gas installers e.g. are regulated by the laws set out by Parliment and all their licences along with their tools and equipment including vans are paid for by themselves. If any taxi driver feels he can’t afford any equipment for his “Trade” e.g. cctv, a car (that is safe) then he is not able to do that job and should look for another job, simple.


      • Errrrrr I think you’ll find I have all the equipment that i’m currently required to by both national law and Rotherham council byelaws.

        This legislation is wanting us to spend MORE money on equipment. Now i’ll buy the CCTV because I want to carry on serving my customers and earning for my family. For a lot of taxi drivers in Rotherham though they either don’t work enough hours or work for a firm that has enough trade to make the extra money required to pay for CCTV and newer vehicles.

        Tradesmen might have to pay for all their equipment but then they’ll charge their customers the relevant price in order to cover their costs and provide for their families. We have no control over our fares UNLESS we go and get an operators licence.

        Finally, as for suddenly going out and getting another job, they don’t grow on trees in Rotherham. So the council are just shifting one problem back onto the welfare state potentially.

        I don’t recall any of this outrage against the mining community when the pits were shutting so why are the vast majority of taxi drivers getting absolutely hammered and vilified because of the actions of a criminal minority.

        Oh yeah that’s right we’re all guilty by association. Probably because we’re Asian.

        I guarantee you if the was a minority of white skinned drivers involved in CSE then there would be none of this witch hunt against the vast majority of innocent white skinned drivers and also the tone of most of the posts on this forum and across the Internet would be in support of the drivers.


      • Hi Rik. There is no chip on my shoulder. I just read complete idiots on here who just blindly think ALL taxi drivers are guilty of CSE.

        It’s gotten me so angry that I have stopped posting anonymously and have set up a username. You took one of my comments last week and turned it into a blog post of your own if you remember.

        As for the last bit, I really hope I am being silly – but at the minute if the situation was reversed I think there wouldn’t be all this hullabaloo that we have now.


        • No one is accusing all those in the taxi trade of being involved in wrongdoing. There are still those among your number to be exposed, the quicker the better. Once the taxi trade is brought up to date, it will once again be an occupation that you can be justifiably proud to say, you are a taxi driver.


        • Posted by me, not attributed to anyone. If you would like me to attribute this to you, kindly confirm the title of the post, Rik.


  6. I assume that when RPHDA, proposed these amendments to the Council, they had a striaght face. Almost all of there suggestions seem rather frivolous and design to water down these new regulations. Take the exemptions from BTEC qualifications, you’ve either capable of communications in English or not. If you aren’t then you shouldn’t be driving a taxi. Asking the council to pay the costs of the CCTV, really why not ask the council to pay for the MOT too.

    It seems their logic is, if the council want implement new rules, for the good of the trade, then they should bear the cost, despite the fact this industry is for commercial profit, which the then council would not share.


    • The cost of the CCTV has been estimated to be £800 if bought up front or it can be leased at £30 a month which is taken out for 5 years.

      Now £30 x 60 months equals £1800!!!

      This isn’t one of those dash cams that you can buy from Maplin for anything between £50-£200. Infact we still don’t know what system this is, because the council are still discussing it.

      They should have waited till they knew what kind of system they wanted and then announced they had agreed on the implementation of CCTV in all cars. All they’ve done now is got most of the drivers backs up whilst allowing the public to form the opinion (or maybe it’s just those who comment on Internet forums, who knows eh?) ‘what are they moaning about’ ‘oh they must be all guilty’.

      In the eyes of some of the people who use this forum i’m guilty by association. They think the imam of my local mosque is guilty by association. The local butcher at the supermarket who feeds these guilty people, he must be guilty by association too.

      The council just keep making this up as they go along. Debate an issue, make a decision and stick with it so the drivers, the operators, the public, the victims and their families all know what has been set in stone. At the minute this whole process is so dysfunctional it might aswell be Roger Stone back in charge.


      • Your bleating about something you trade is entirely responsible for, namely the abuse of innocent children. At any time, and there was plenty of occasions over 20 years, your profession, could’ve expose the wrong doers and stop this tradegy, which has befallen Rotherham. You chose to turn a blind eye and to be silent, while children and their families were suffering.

        Just think, all of the new rules, being introduced by Commissioner Ney, could’ve been suggested by your own organisation, you chose not to do anything, thinking that after the heinous crimes, your so call colleagues had committed, you could carry on as if nothing had happen.

        Well thank god the government sent in those commissioners, thank god for Proffessor Jay and Louise Casey, we now know the truth and guess what, we won’t be putting up with this criminality ever again.


      • Really? My trade is responsible for all the pedophiles in Rotherham? Really? Seriously? You believe that right?

        I’ve been on taxis 2 1/2 years. Some of the crimes that the people who have been arrested this week for (and you can read about them on the rest of the Rothpol forum) were committed back in the 1990’s. The very same decade I was in comprehensive school collecting wrestling stickers and buying Match and Shoot magazine with my pocket money on a Tuesday morning. So allow me to take your accusation of bleating and politely request that you shove it where the son does not shine.

        The only blind eye i’ve turned recently is pretending not to know the grass is growing in the back garden so that I don’t have to get the mower out of the garage.

        You like the vast majority of idiots on this forum continue to damn innocent people by association. Because someone has the same skin colour as someone else. Do I think you’re guilty because you probably have the same skin colour as Rolf Harris, Gary Glitter, Jimmy Saville and Stuart Hall. No. I wouldn’t be so stupid. And neither should you be.

        Taxi Drivers aren’t responsible for CSE. Criminals are responsible for CSE. Don’t tar the innocent with your lazy brush because you can’t be bothered or are incapable for separating facts from rhetoric.


      • Secret Taxi Driver said: “Taxi Drivers aren’t responsible for CSE. Criminals are responsible for CSE.”

        You are right, but a lot of those criminals in Rotherham drive taxis and use those taxis to ferry their victims around. Also you fail to see the benefit of CCTV to yourself. In fact, just a few years ago it was suggested by the then chairman of RPHDA Haroon Rashid, to have them fitted:

        I wonder why they never went forward with it? Perhaps you could ask at the next meeting?

        If cost is a real concern to you, your £30 a month rental figure equates to less than a quid a day! How many fares a day do you pick up? If you had to add 20p or so to the cost of a run to pay for CCTV, nobody would bat an eyelid. Has that proposal been put forward? If not, why not? I’m sure the council would back it.

        In an earlier post you tried to draw a parallel between taxi drivers and mining communities. I don’t see the connection between mass job losses and mass criminality. But if you want to make a comparison, here’s one for you: Many civil construction workers and rail track workers are subject to random and compulsory drugs testing. Not all such workers were taking drugs in the first place, but it was deemed enough of a problem to do something about it. Now, you go and ask those workers if they feel victimised because they have to be tested for drugs, if they feel they are being tarred by any brush. They will say “No”. The tests prove they are clean. CCTV will do the same for taxi drivers. And yes I know they don’t have to pay for the tests themselves, but it’s a fairer comparison than yours I think.


  7. Is this delay tactic?

    If so then what is protecting the venerable while they fanny about.
    RMBC put the conditions into practice immediately and let them have their meetings otherwise if there is another victim then who will take responsability.

    Seems like the organ grinder is not in charge after all.


  8. If Rotherham council agrees to pay for the meters that will be the end of any credibility they ever hope to achieve in the future,.


  9. This horrific article puts all the hard done by bleating in its appropriate context

    “Raped in a playground at 11, abused by seven men a night aged 12: Victim of Rotherham Asian sex gang scandal tells her truly horrifying story””

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook


  10. @ secret Taxi Driver, some facts in Professor Jay and Lousie Casey reports, to which l would encourage you read, the overwhelming and exclusively predominant group of child abusers were not white, Afro Carribean, Indian. Chinese, Sir Lankains, Greeks, Romanians but Pakistani. A fact replicated in other towns all over South Yorkshire and other parts of the country. Another fact was Taxi drivers were involve in stalking outside schools and care homes to secure their victims. uncomfortable reading but facts. In Rotherham the Pakistani communtiy makes up 3% of the population , but committed and this is a conservative estimate 1400+ rapes againist children. That is some ration to preportion of ethnicity.

    We get this figure because as of now, Rotherham is the only town that has been investigated.


    • I hear and understand all of that, however it does that mean that the entire community is guilty.

      Most of the guilty or accused live in the inner city part of Rotherham ie Masborough, Kimberworth, Town, Clifton, East Dene, Broom etc. I don’t. So I don’t see how I should know what’s going on in those villages.

      Rotherham is a massive geographical area. Does someone who lives in Brampton Bierlow / Wath / West Melton really know what’s going on in Kiveton Park / Wales / Harthill for instance (just an example)


      • I should stop digging Secret Taxi Driver, you are in a big enough hole already. Rotherham is only catching up with the rest of the country so get on with it and run your taxi as it should be NOT how you think it should be to make the most profit for YOU!! Time you all started paying your fair share of taxes.


      • Any expences you make doing your job e.g. fuel, insurance. road tax. cctv cameras are items that you can claim VAT back and set them against your outgoings, that is assuming you pay tax, you do don’t you Secret Taxi Driver ?


      • Sorry just seen these two comments. I pay my taxes that are due. I can only speak for myself though and not anyone else.


  11. And what amount of benefits do you claim “Secret Taxi Driver”, this is the real issue hear isn’t it ? The more you and your colleagues are scrutinised and checked the less you will be able to fiddle the state. Don’t forget all the properties that are rented for cash in hand no questions asked. Don’t say it’s not happening “Secret Taxi Driver” I know it is I know people who have lived on Fuljambe Road who have had loft spaces turned into living spaces with access from the adjoining property. And back to fiddling Pakistani taxi drivers, my son’s went to Kimberworth school in the 90’s and in their year was a rather tall Pakistani lad who was driving taxi at the age of 15-16. How do I know? Because he drove my wife, me and two son’s back from a wedding. I did report it to the police but as usual nothing happened.


    • Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit. I’ve 2 kids and thats the same benefits i claimed when i worked in paid employment for over 15 years. Whats that’s got what to do with you exactly?

      Meanwhile you’re mentioning somebody who lives in Fuljambe Rd and a kid from Kimberworth School when i’ve never lived in either Kimberworth or Eastwood.

      This is the problem with the user’s of this site. 1200 taxi drivers in Rotherham and because of bad behaviour by a minority we’re all guilty by association.

      If I had a bad experience with one customer on a weekend and suddenly tarred everyone with the same brush then i’d never be able to make a living. But then i’m not that stupid. Sadly I can’t say the same for some of the people that post on here.


      • But what earnings do you and your colleagues declare, do you have proof of earnings, vat returns, accounts ? No one said you lived on Fuljambe Road or went to Kimberworth School, stop trying to make this issue all about you.


      • You’re the one making the issue about me. Nobody else is. I’m self employed. What anyone else does with their income is none of my business, nor should it be any of yours.


      • There people workin in big company that are claiming other benefits aswell not just taxi drivers iv 3 employees that do 35 hours a week they eligible for the benefits u need to focuse on people that on dole and sat at home drinking larger and in the pubs in the mornin and afternoon and evenings where do they get the money from its from the state at least people that work and claim the benefit they make an effort to get out to work so don’t target taxi drivers on this issue


  12. I agree Anonymous, but if they are working legitimately for a big company they will be being taxed at source through PAYE by their employers. You taxi drivers are deliberatly declaring false incomes just so you can claim benefits off the state. As for secret taxi driver when people are blatently fiddling the system as the vast majority of Pakistani taxi drivers are then it is my business. Because at the end of the day it’s my taxes (which I have no control over) that are paying for your fiddles.


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