A morally defective line?

This was left as a comment, too good to miss:

“Something I have observed over the years in people who flatly refuse to take responsibility is they constantly use the term “we need to move on or move forward”…

I suppose that if you are a member of a political party which has been complicit in epidemic grooming, rape, sexual torture, trafficking and pimping of young girls by turning a blind eye to it and totting up the bloc votes then that is the sort of morally defective line you would serve up.

Labour are rotten to the core. Take the unprepossessing example of the porcine new Deputy Leader Tom Watson MP – for some years now he has been instrumental in the allegations about a purported high level child abuse ring involving Tory politicians. He has links with the dubious Exaro organisation whose leading light, Mark Watts, was a propagandist for the Iranian regime(Press TV).

The “case” against Heath, Proctor etc is now falling apart



Watson was also instantly off the blocks in calling for a “comprehensive investigation” into the so-called Cannock Chase VIP paedo ring, which looks to be the same sort of fantasy that “Nick” was coming out with.

But portly Tom has not – afaik – ever uttered a word about the Pakistani grooming gangs in the West Midlands which bear “significant similarities to Rotherham. He hasn’t said a damn thing about the West Midlands Plod cover up




Anyone with an ounce of common sense and an operational bs detector should be able to understand Watson’s game – he has been creating a diversion, putting up a miasma of confusion and deception, covering his tracks and that of his Party with a dense smokescreen

Voting demographics


Watson’s links to the Pakistani Labour fixer Faisal Rasool, chairman of the “Muslims Friends of Labour” were recently exposed in a sting operation by the Sun newspaper

“He needs £30,000 to £40,000 now. Once they become leader they don’t talk about money. If you can’t give £40,000 just give £30,000 and I guarantee you are going to see Watson. He is a very powerful man.”

Ahead of the meeting with Mr Burnham, Rasool had boasted of being able to deliver Asian votes through to his roles with the Muslim Friends of Labour and Labour Friends of Pakistan.

In a first meeting with our man on August 24, at the Colony Restaurant off Park Lane, Mayfair, he said: “There are four people fighting this election. Whoever wins, they will come to me because I’ve got 1.5million votes. I have got a position…….”

….He also boasted of his friendship to Mr Watson, the MP for West Bromwich East. He said: “He came to my house the other day. He is very close to me. I am taking him to Pakistan.”


One is tempted to suppose that Labour could go no lower, but I am sure they have, and will


8 thoughts on “A morally defective line?

  1. Sheffield Council also avoids responsibility for its failures with phrases such as: “let’s draw a line under it” and “we have nothing more to say on the matter” and “after thorough investigation we have closed the issue” and so on. The tactics are always Deny and Lie, Kill the Messenger, Disempower ( first by cash-starvation, then isolation, then character assassination, etc ), Yes, overall, these are all attributes of corruption, but does Corbyn have what is necessary to purge the established corrupt elite from his party, or will it continue to create illusions ?


    • ” but does Corbyn have what is necessary to purge the established corrupt elite from his party, or will it continue to create illusions”

      Don’t hold your breath

      “The causes, and the victims, dear to Corbyn are simply the ones which fit a hard left template: It’s not about whether you’re a victim, but about who you’re a victim of. For Corbyn, some victims of human rights abuses are more deserving than others.

      The problem with child abuse, for someone like Corbyn, is that it dosen’t slot neatly into a hard left paradigm. The various child abuse scandals raise some uncomfortable issues for the left.

      One is whether some left-wing politicians and local authorities put identity politics – gay rights, multiculturalism – above the protection of children; evidence from Islington in the 1980s to the recent child exploitation scandals in Rochdale and Rotherham suggests pretty conclusively that they did……

      ……..However, I suspect the main reason why he didn’t speak up is ideological – from Corbyn’s point of view, victims of child abuse were the wrong sort of victims…….”


      The wrong sort of victims, and the wrong sort of perpetrators


      • Hi Parsonage…. Thanks for a good and thorough comment. Whenever and wherever and by whoever we hear ” We need to move forward or move on ” and such comments it should act as a red flag to press on and pursue. We can almost take it for granted they are covering up and until proved otherwise we should hound them for answers and proof that everything has been done to recompense those who have been hurt until the whole of Rotherham are ready to move on from this. Not at Chris Reeds bidding.
        In view of the magnitude of the crime against children and their families, only a clown would think his default response to ‘move on’ comment would instill confidence in the general public.
        Chris Reed may be a good man and a good citizen . My comment is that he is completely out of his depth and covers this fact up by a show of youthful arrogance when dealing with Rotherhams crime of the century….


      • It would be crass to say that there may not be unresolved issues of VIP involvement in child abuse dating back many years. But were there whole gangs of politicians going round grooming, raping, torturing, trafficking, pimping and prostituting 30 or 40 years ago? Is there any equivalence to the very widespread Rotherham model that has emerged over the last 5 years or so? That’s certainly an impression promulgated by certain politicians, organisations and parts of the media but with “Operation Midland” having gone nowhere after 10 months – depending as it does on the lurid allegations of “Nick” – one is surely entitled to be even more skeptical.

        In fact there are grounds for the deepest doubt. The timing of these announcements just as it is being reported that Midland has gone belly up is reminiscent of the timing of the raid on Sir Cliff’s home just before Jay was put into the public domain. Witness credibility is a massive issue – any chancer, opportunist and fantasist can have a cost free punt at a public figure. Proctor who had a bit of form was just an easy target. Paul Gambaccini was put through hell by false accusations and he is bitterly critically of plod trawling tactics

        “In these cases if the central accusation is false, the details around it are usually howlers,” he said. “I have found false accusers gild the lily with details that can’t possibly be true.”

        The broadcaster lashed out at police and prosecutors during a home affairs select committee hearing in March claiming he was used as human “flypaper” with his arrest publicised in the hope other people would come forward to make allegations against him.”


        But the most serious proviso is this. Mulit-culturalism and diversity has practically been elevated to the lofty status of state religion. Its embedded in the DNA of the public sector,
        political parties, the trade unions, much of the media – notably the BBC and the Guardian.

        Rotherham et al strikes at the very heart of the politically correct faith. So the observed reactions have been frozen incomprehension, straight out denial, distraction and diversion.

        You’ve linked to the piece by the BBC’s Tom Symonds RR; he’s a case in point – he’s stirred the VIP historic child abuse pot obsessively; he’s continually banging the drum. But when it comes to the “Rotherham” epidemic he’s AWOL.

        This is the thing; the grotesque lack of proportion and selective blinkered focus.

        Symonds gets his slot on BBC News at 6 etc, what he reports about alleged historic VIP abuse goes straight into the national public domain.

        But when we find that the West Midlands bears “significant similarities” to Rotherham and the WM Plod have knowingly covered that up where does that go? How many people across the country are aware of it? Relatively few I would think. The Birmingham Mail to its credit has done a first class job of exposing the evil but the local politicians have said absolutely nothing whatsoever, the BBC has been a disgrace. Without political and national media push, it stays in the box. The evening the plod cover up was exposed I watched Midlands Today thinking surely they’ve got to feature this – they didn’t. There was a local BBC web page; they didn’t even tweet it.

        What’s more important – what politicians did(or quite likely didn’t do) 30 and 40 years ago – or the horrific Rotherham CSE epidemic which we know has spread from the initial grooming areas to small town level now?

        The state religion’s witchdoctor Tom Symonds obviously has his view, IMO it’s utterly warped


    • Not questioned by the BBC’s Tom Symonds of course

      Thanks for that link

      Lardy’s sticky fingers all over it, what a suprise

      “Mr Watson, elected Labour’s deputy leader two weeks ago, has won huge plaudits for standing up in the House of Commons in October 2012 and alleging that a high level paedophile network had existed with protection from senior politicians in Parliament and even in Downing St.
      Mr Watson said that Righton was a key figure in the network of paedophiles and was subsequently contacted by Darren and copied into emails that Darren sent to police officers.

      “Darren has told me that he fears for his safety,” Mr Watson told Exaro in January, “Were he to be attacked, I will personally make sure everyone who needs to know will know who these people are.”
      Mr Watson added: “Darren’s story is very similar to others. I hope that all his allegations will be thoroughly investigated by the police.”
      Last week, Darren refused to comment. He has complained to Exaro that police had ‘betrayed his trust’ and that he had withdrawn his cooperation with Suffolk police. He said that police had referred his baby son to social services. “I feel that this was done to silence me,” he said.”

      Here’s a question or two for Watson

      “It is time to challenge the accusers. Operation Fairbank and many related rumours spring from the decision of Tom Watson MP, now the new deputy leader of the Labour Party, to use parliamentary privilege in 2012 to talk of “a powerful paedophile network linked to Parliament and No 10”. In January, Mr Watson repeated allegations against Lord Brittan within days of his death and said that those who made them were “sincere”. Does he have factual reason to think such accusations are true? If so, what are his facts? If Operation Midland fails, please will he tell us the whole truth as he sees it, with the evidence. If he does not, he should admit that he should never have spread these horrible claims in the first place.”



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