I question the size of the hand?

I think we are being led to believe by certain members of the Muslim / Pakistani community that they are being picked on etc etc about these scandals saying that it is only a handful of people in their community that do such crimes ….. I question the size of the hand?


http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x32uek4   I cannot understand the language in the video clip …but strangely I get the jist of it …

Grateful to our spotter for this, they shall remain anonymous for now, Rik.

9 thoughts on “I question the size of the hand?

  1. So only a small hand.
    But there seem many hands, Oxford and Rochdale for starters and they seem eerily similar. I guess we are supposed to believe in random coincidence of origins of the perpetrators.
    Strange is this an attempt to prove that all of our population is stupid?


    • Unfortunately Rotherham was the only town to be somewhat investigated, so we can assume the problem does exist elsewhere, wherever this communtiy exists. The link does show that this problem is somewhat a cultural one and yet these people will not acknowledge there is a big problem, which they need to address.

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      • Spot on Anonymous….but ” a big problem ” is one hell of an understatement. As things stand, the cultural differences behind CSE are insurmountable in the medium term at least. I reckon you’re looking at 3 generations at least before there’s anything like worthwhile integration. In the meantime the cost to us is crippling.


  2. Anon, you honestly didn’t think it was only Rotherham has this problem did you? Wherever you have a Pakistani community, you will have this problem. It their evil culture which this Country allows to carry on but should be stamping out using whatever methods are necessary.


    • But they have been allow to get away with these atrocities, not by an evil country, but evil people. This could’ve and should’ve been stamped out years ago. Not only should the Pakistani community have been made to face up to this problem and realise that perhaps it’s thier culture and religion which has propagated this behaviour, but more importantly the authorities should have not only rooted it out, but shun anyone who was associated with it.


    • “Wherever you have a Pakistani community, you will have this problem.”


      Andrew Norfolk has said exactly that.

      And the Oxford Serious Case Review admitted it to be the case

      “The report said: “The association, not of all CSE but group-based CSE, with mainly Pakistan heritage is undeniable, and prevention will need both national understanding, communication and debate, and also work with faith groups at a local level.”


      The first part of the sentence is unequivocal and unarguable; the rest comprises the usual predictable, platitudinous wishful thinking.

      The case review did call for government research into why Pakistani men have a near monopoly on this abhorrent activity. It would be amazing if any action had followed this recommendation.

      There is no excuse for not being well are of what has been going on – the information is very readily available, deplorable as the record of much mainstream media has been for many years..

      What is particularly galling and reprehensible is the diversionary covering operation around alleged historic VIP abuse led by Tom Watson MP, though it does now begin to appear that the bloated, bloc vote troughing charlatan’s bubble has been pricked.


      “Tom Watson “mixed up” his facts and made exaggerated claims about a “powerful paedophile network” linked to Downing Street, the whistleblower who alerted him to child abuse has told The Telegraph.
      Peter McKelvie, a former child protection officer, said the deputy Labour leader had been too hasty in making his intervention during Prime Minister’s questions (PMQs) in October 2012.”


      At the recent select committee hearing regarding Watson’s role in the Leon Brittain rape investigation, which DCI Settle said Watson had turned into a “baseless witch hunt”, it emerged – following a question to Settle – that none of the CSE allegations put forward by Watson related to his own constituency.

      Strange that

      “Sex abuse gangs in Black Country: ‘Significant similarities’ to Rotherham scandal, say police
      Children in the Black Country are being sexually exploited, with gangs similar to those in Rotherham operating in the West Midlands, says a police report.”



  3. There is no doubt in my mind that Tom Watson purposely “set up” Leon Brittain and made these false allegations intentionally to blacken a Conservative Party member. Watson “used” a Labour Party worker whom he knew had mental problems and made false sexual assault allegation previously, to make these allegations against Brittain. Her knew that in the current climate, the police couldn’t refuse to investigate and would put poor old Leon through the mill He is a typical corrupt, dishonest Labour Party official. Despicable!!


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