Investigation into CSE allegations against two Rotherham councillors made ‘priority’

Investigation into CSE allegations against two Rotherham councillors made ‘priority’

An investigation into allegations that two ‘current or former’ Rotherham councillors were involved in child sexual exploitation is being prioritised by the National Crime Agency.

Officials from Operation Stovewood, the NCA’s probe into abuse in Rotherham that took place between 1997 and 2013, have said six specific new investigations have been identified so far following reviews of previous South Yorkshire Police cases.

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20 thoughts on “Investigation into CSE allegations against two Rotherham councillors made ‘priority’

  1. @trambuster,
    What I found interesting was that:
    “two have been prioritised – one of which is an investigation into criminal allegations referred by Louise Casey following her inspection of Rotherham Council.”
    Well done Louse Casey!
    (and as noted above the two that have been prioritised are two Borough Councillors. ) .


  2. Even after Borough councillors claimed they ‘knew nothing about CSE in Rotherham/Did not know the scale of CSE abuse’ an investigation concludes at least two of them have been and are telling porkies.
    Nothing new there then.


  3. If those concerned are current RMBC elected members will they have to stand down while the allegations are investigated?
    Does anyone know what the rules say regarding this matter?
    Not that RMBC will follow any rules.


  4. @Anon
    “If those concerned are current RMBC elected members will they have to stand down while the allegations are investigated?”
    Councillors do not have to stand down whilst under investigation. Morally perhaps they should but until a conviction is secured a councillor-or any person-can carry out their normal duties if they are being investigated.
    Innocent until proven guilty.


  5. A word of caution; or another way of putting it is don’t get too excited.

    It could be the two are themselves putting pressure on the Police to conclude their investigations as soon as possible. With their solicitors arguing that their lives are blighted so long as they are under investigation…sometimes speed is not of the essence.

    All we can ask is that justice prevails, whether we like it or not.


    • If those, who are being investigated have nothing to hide, then they have nothing to worry about. A subtle way of applying pressure, without presenting it.


  6. This website never allows un-evidenced comments………… no, no, no.

    This website never carries wild speculation……….no, no, no.

    But,,,,,,,,,,,, is Councillor Caven Vines one of the two under investigation?

    Shouldn’t we be told?


  7. How do you know the answer is ‘No’?
    Golly gosh! Are you the Head of the National Crime Agency?
    Somehow, I suspect not.
    The Key Stage 1 (failed) spelling and grammar is a bit of a giveaway.
    But which Anonymous are you? That’s the question.


    • It could be that Janet is right, but somehow I seriously doubt it. You see, the very fact the two former or serving councillors haven’t been named makes me suspect that community cohesion is being given greater consideration than public safety. SYP never seem to have a problem naming suspects unless there is a racial element involved.

      It could be the case (though I doubt this too) that SYP are reluctant to name anyone until they’ve been actually charged, but it only ever seems to be members of one particular ethnic group who enjoy such protection. But don’t take my word for it, ask Cliff Richard. He certainly didn’t get the same level of anonymity, did he?


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