Holocaust Memorial Day, Caven Vines speech

Holocaust Memorial Day, Caven Vines speech.

Caven Vines did a memorable speech at the Holocaust Memorial day in Rotherham this week. I remember to recall a few years ago he issued an affidavit to completely distance himself from the BNP.

I’ve been checking out his biographies true, no mention of BNP there.

His speech took the wind out of me (very blustery day) by the mention of his humanitarian social work in Saudi Arabia. I just wanted to ask if there is an affidavit on its way to confirm authenticity of the said speech. As I could not find any such work mentioned in his biography.

I’m just putting it out there for you to prod at. Why would he have held back, such a great deed and confined it to the history books,  it probably would have done him more service to have been selected and elected earlier in Rotherham.

I would love Caven Vines to share with all of us the speech from Holocaust Memorial day Rotherham.

Hot spot

The event.


Caven Vines Council biography:


From Oakwood school recording,  Holocaust Memorial.


Hot spot

Caven Vines speech supplied by Caven Vines:



17 thoughts on “Holocaust Memorial Day, Caven Vines speech

  1. Hot Spot,
    Caven writes ” I was put in jail in Saudi Arabia for a short time for one such act so I have witnessed the injustice first hand.”
    Assuming Caven actually worked in Saudi; I can believe what he wrote without any further proof or affidavit.
    It isn’t easy out there.


    • Your right RR it’s not easy out there, but when you do stand up for someone’s rights, humanitarian and social worker springs to mind.

      This was done to establish credibility, I thank Caven Vines for making the speech in question available.

      It’s all about accountability, what we say and what we do.

      I have had enough of politicians (in general) who only come prepared for the job in hand, and nobody questions anything.

      Welldone to Caven Vines.


  2. Hot Spot: You say “it probably would have done him more service to have been selected and elected earlier in Rotherham.” He was elected earlier. He was an Independent councillor for Rotherham West, having been elected after Akhtar was de-selected by Labour. He was a very good councillor getting involved in many issues that Akhtar would not touch and helping the local residents who were being terrorised by local thugs. And just to make it clear I am not a member of UKIP.


  3. There is a lot of publicity about race hate crimes at the moment. Different means of assessing levels are contradictory; one showing and increase and one a decrease, suggesting the levels may be fairly static, but thankfully more are being reported.

    It is in this context we must condemn the perpetrators, and remember that there is evidence of a significant increase in anti-semitic hate crime.


    I am not a supporter of Caven, but have to say that I know his literary limitations, and find this a heartfelt and charming speech in its simplicity..


  4. For the doubters out their and mr Hotspot who maybe could use his Google skills to verify
    I was working on the Port of Jabail project a 14.5billion construction of a oil loading Harbour for supper tankers, a military Naval base in 1980 – 1982 my part was the project engineer for the main domestic water supply and ship bunkering systems
    The main contractor was a Duch company Royal Volker Steven.


    • Thanks Caven Vines, can’t Google with out details.

      I was probably having difficulty as the contract was in Dutch.

      And I hope that 14.5bn contract was in Sr, or may be DKK.


      • After is conviction Akhtar was suspended from the Labour party, but would not resign, as anyone with a shred of honour would have done. He continued to serve as a councillor, whilst doing community service, until is term of office expired and then he was not reselected. His suspension was lifted and he was able to get a lot of his Pakistani friends to join the labour party to reselect him for the following election and we had this self-serving reprobate as a councillor until he lost to Ian Jones last year.


      • And there was me thinking that a contract between the Saudi government and a Netherlands based company would be in English, and denominated in USD (US Dollar), but I could be wrong.
        (DKK = Danish Krona, NLG = Dutch Guilder, SAR = Saudi Arabian Riyal )


    • Wonderful cllr Caven Vines,
      I’m glad it was in US $’s.

      @ $14.5bn it would have been the largest project in the world at that time. Probably more than the American space program. Not bad for shifting sand around in the ocean.

      Volker Stevin who would have thought moving sand around in the desert would cost that much.


    • Hi Caven,
      But it was obvious; only an utter idiot could imagine a cross-border contract written in Dutch and priced in Danish Kroner. World trade just doesn’t work that way.


      • It’s true RR when you ask a question which is bent it gets a quicker response.

        And neither does sand dredging at that price in 1980, my experience has shown when you hear bullshit question it.

        In case RR you are wondering I’ve acted the idiot from right the top of this page down to here.


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