South Yorkshire Police – Handling Child Sexual Exploitation

South Yorkshire Police – Handling Child Sexual Exploitation.

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26 thoughts on “South Yorkshire Police – Handling Child Sexual Exploitation

  1. Whilst there is no easy way to show the data in that report. This final section is more than interesting.

    Live investigations at the end of December 2015.

    This is the number of investigations we have across the force at this time.

    Barnsley 24
    Doncaster 25
    Rotherham 76
    Sheffield 36
    Total 161

    So out of a total of 161 investigations, 47% involve Rotherham.


    • They are all there Fffjjk, I would believe that they are in court.

      hopefully for your benefit their full mug shots will be released in due course.

      But looking at the rest seems a gloomy picture also, a certain % charged in Rotherham but from where?

      A safe heaven for national pedophiles.


      • How can it be a safehaven with so much police activity? I would argue the opposite. One school of thought is the authorities in Rotherham, council and police have got their act together and should be applauded for this.


      • @ Anonymous
        “A safe heaven for national pedophiles”,
        maybe I came over a bit strong, but there’s truth in the madness.

        Authorities doing a fantastic job? The national authorities NCA (operation clover) are doing the job of our local authorities in case you were wondering.

        I’m beginning to believe our local authorities are as useful as a chocolate fireguard.

        Children’s services are improving, yeah anything is better after 16yrs of mismanagement.

        Police not equipped to deal with honour based violence, would that be true for FGM as well.

        I know Rome wasn’t built in a day


  2. Rotherham, council and police have got their act together and should be applauded for this.
    Yeah, very belatedly. The taxpayers of Rotherham are owed a refund for all the years when they hadn’t got their act together.


  3. @ anonymous.

    I don’t know how to judge the article below, it could be related to victims growing in confidence that they will be heard, it could be perpetrators are even sicker than we could imagine.

    Spot the signs! Who is best placed probably family and teachers, I know that the rest of us would not forsake a child after spoting the signs.

    Rik placed this up about a week ago


    • To a number of comments above. I have never seen any reference to Rotherham’s child protection being world class. The most positive traces to anything like good date back many years ago (mid 2000s) under what Ofsted admit was a weaker framework (hence why according to Debbie Jones, Ofsted’s national director at MP select committee, they strengthened it in 2013). To those who say too late for authorities to get their act together – what’s the answer, never start? Finally operation Clover isn’t NCA. It’s a joint investigation between RMBC and SYP as has been reported on numerous occasions. We’ve yet to see evidence of NCA’s work yet although reports about the progress they are making appear promising. Time will tell.


      • It really doesn’t help when commenters describe themselves as Anonymous.

        Whist nothing about Rotherham has ever been described as “world class” – that would be a big ask for a small town in a small country. this really did happen:
        “National Award for Child Sexual Exploitation Partnership”

        “We’ve yet to see evidence of NCA’s work yet although reports about the progress they are making appear promising. ” that is the kind of unattributed comment that nobody needs, and nobody should ever make. Grow up.


      • 18 December 2014

        Officers from the National Crime Agency have begun operating in South Yorkshire to deliver the first stage of an independent investigation into child sexual exploitation (CSE) in Rotherham, requested by South Yorkshire Chief Constable David Crompton.

        The officer in overall charge of the NCA investigation, NCA Director Trevor Pearce, said Operation Stovewood will have two distinct stages in order to successfully deliver all matters within its terms of reference.

        “The first stage of Operation Stovewood will identify and examine relevant material held by South Yorkshire Police and other bodies in order to scope the nature, scale and requirements of an investigation into child sexual exploitation identified by the Alexis Jay Report.

        Sorry, anonymous clover/stovewood all same at my age.


  4. In regards to awards:

    Best police in uk
    Love your high street
    best street market uk
    best run council sevices

    to me means jack, look at the misery around you, we need to remember all those who endured years of neglect. Rather than be drawn in token awards when abuse is still nearly localy the highest level in the UK.


    • Hotspot awards don’t mean services are consistently good I agree. However you are wrong to misrepresent the work of NCA. Whether you like it or not Clover is the police and the council. A material fact.


  5. The review is phase one of the agency’s Operation Stovewood, an independent investigation examining criminal allegations of non-familial child sexual exploitation in Rotherham.

    Two of South Yorkshire Police’s current investigations into CSE, Clover and Monroe, will be managed by force on a day-to-day basis but co-ordinated under Operation Stovewood. The agency said these two probes were “making good progress and have existing links with victims and witnesses”.

    A third, Operation Mark, was found not to be as well developed and will be taken forward under the leadership of NCA Senior Investigating Officer Steve Baldwin.

    The NCA

    Read more:

    @ anonymous


    • Yorkshire what??? Operation Clover is a joint investigation between RMBC and SYP. I could post numerous articles reporting same but haven’t the time. If you have been following the case in the press as I have you will be aware. Stovewood NCA for sure covering historical CSE but not Clover. Sorry.


      • Clover is historical, its been going to court for atleast the last 7/8 weeks, Sheffield crown court the men and the women.

        NCA were on tele saying the same.


  6. For your eyes only anonymous!

    “The Rotherham Safeguarding Children Board and its predecessor oversaw the development of good inter-agency policies and procedures applicable to CSE”.
    Jay report
    I think this is referring to world class polices

    “The weakness in their approach was that members of the Safeguarding Board rarely checked whether these were being implemented or whether they were working”
    Jay report.
    Sorry this joins with the paragraph above.


    • Clover covers historical abuse – yes. The substantive point I am making, painfully, is it is the work of RMBC AND THE POLICE NOT NCA. The Senior Investigation Team are SYP and it is well reported that they are working in partnership with RMBC to bring alleged criminals to justice. As for World Class Services, again, I see no evidence that anyone has ever described Rotherham’s child protection response as that.


      • I think Rik included world class services for lol factor.

        Sorry Anonymous, for being a pain, clover will have started before NCA the truth is stovewood will be seeing it through and the rest.


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