And I thought the law applies equally to us all?

British Muslim Youth Endorses the ‘Rotherham 12 Defence Campaign’


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29 thoughts on “And I thought the law applies equally to us all?

  1. What a fuc**ng joke ….. ROTHERHAM EFFIN 12 …. what about the Rotherham 1400? Predicted that the race card would be used long ago on this wellgate case .. watch out for further no co-operation threats .. also be interesting to see what Ms Champion has to say .


  2. This is about Muhbeen Hussain and his efforts to be seen as a person of influence. Now irritated that, as forecast in an article here on Rothpol, the authorities don’t take him seriously, Nor the set of thugs who make up the so called British Muslim Youth…barely representing one biraderi group in Rotherham, and no women…never mind British young Muslims.
    Pathetic boy.
    But isn’t one of the new Labour nominees for the next council elections an active member of this bogus group?



      • ‘Mubeen is a very clever person’

        Oh yes he is!

        First yeah, he created Rotherham Muslim Youth. (Yeah Eastwood, Broom posse)

        Then yeah, he created South Yorkshire Muslim youth. (Still Eastwood, Broom posse)

        Then yeah, he created British Muslim youth, (Still Eastwood, Broom posse)

        All of the above is easy, pick a name, hey presto your the chair of all you survey.

        I can say unequivocally no one in the world is as clever, to say the least does anon only operate on moon beans say so.

        watch this space!


    • British Muslim youth is the only group that will stand up for the asian community others won’t because they won’t get funding which means they have no income left.


      • Please tell….how will they get funding? A shakedown of the taxi drivers and landlords in return for “favours”, or a dodgy grant application?


  3. A coincidence?

    The trial of the latest batch of alleged Rotherham child abusers is drawing to an end and BMY publish this tripe on their website, a coincidence or total contempt for the 1400 victims and their families?

    BMY is no more than a smoke screen to divert public opinion away from the crimes being committed by members of the Pakistani community.

    No sign of an article or a link to Crime Stoppers on their website to assist members of the Pakistani community to assist the police in identifying perpetrators.

    If the middle of the road, tolerant, beleaguered citizens of Rotherham needed any proof who BMY supports then this latest piece of tripe goes someway to show BMY in their true colours.


  4. “These men were defending their community from attacks by members of a far right group. Defending oneself from attack cannot and must not be a criminal offence.” Ask yourselves does this look like self defence ??? not to me it doesn’t …. Also I would like to know how much is to be paid by this group for the hire of the unity centre facility and by who ?… or has it become the free headquarters of BMY ? Any one seen this Muhbeen saying police and council stopping him meeting with former EDL leader for debate ..Muhbeen is a trouble causer trying to stir up trouble … there is no debate about the muslim peadophiles in Rotherham it happened .


  5. Qote … “and the Alliance of organisations” blah blah. This young man should be sectioned for his own good. I suppose the Appilizer will print this guff as per usual. I smell the hand of Asbo in this puerile playing of the race card.


  6. i actually think we’re absolving blame to the far right who in my opinion, based on accounts ive heard from people who were there at the time of the initial instigation of the trouble, began the first spark and it was inevitable it turned out something as big as it did. the videos don’t look great but the sentence should fit the crime so the sentence should reflect that. whether it’s a custodial or community work. no surprise of muhbeen initiating this i reckon – just convenient that there is a trial on-going involving people who are related to him in sheffield eh.. look forward to his reaction at the end of that trial. he’s been on the big questions, working with questionable orgs who actually the majority muslim community probably dont like but it works to give him an influence..


  7. If SYP and Dr Billings have given an audience to BMY on behalf of their supporters facing charges then Britain First should ask for, or be offered the same privilege. One suspects at best it was six of one and half a dozen of the other.


  8. Muhubeen trying to undermine the course of justice, after charges have been laid and Court dates decided, never? Muhbeen’s brother Vakas, could have advised you better than this, surely?


      • You must contribute even more “the other 50%.” Women’s voices must be stronger and louder on these issues.

        There are many brilliant Muslim women writers, yet the Rotherham Muslim community seems silent on the issues of misogyny and political corruption within the Mosque Councils.


  9. It seems to me that Britain First were having a protest march which is perfectly legal. If you did not like their views, just stay away. Or is it a crime NOT to be a left-winger or a Muslim. Fascism is not allowing any view but yours and it is bigoted to demonise or try to ban anybody with views that YOU don’t agree with. Sorry, but we live in a democratic society. Well we have up till now.


  10. I think a number of comments here are close to providing the conditions necessary for action for a contempt of court. This would have very serious implications for the person who posted them and the owner of this site.

    I suggest people stop now, before they invite the clunking fist of the law!


    • Have any more comments been published? I appreciate your warning but I don’t believe we have crossed this particular Rubicon. If any ones activities could be described as being in contempt, they are Muhbeen’s, BMY and the rest of his gang in action which now includes such pillars of the establishment as the Socialist Workers Party, surely?


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