850 job cuts at South Yorkshire Police

850 job cuts at South Yorkshire Police

SOUTH Yorkshire Police is set to slash almost 850 staff over the next four years.

The cuts, which would see the number of support staff falling from 1,733 to 1,001, are outlined in the county’s policing plan, which also reveals public confidence in the police has fallen in Rotherham over the past year.

Police and crime commissioner Dr Alan Billings published the “refreshed” plan, saying the force needed to “look for better ways of doing things at less cost” as budget cuts continued to bite.

Read on… http://www.rotherhamadvertiser.co.uk/news/102604/850-job-cuts-at-south-yorkshire-police.aspx

9 thoughts on “850 job cuts at South Yorkshire Police

  1. Perhaps if South Yorkshire Police had dealt with all its well-publicised failings in the years when its budget was rising not falling then the savings needed now would be less severe. We cannot ignore the fact that SYP had a budget with which they could reasonably have been expected to enforce the law and now we know they were failing quite significantly in key areas. Will Rev. Billings tell us what was done with the money not spent for the purpose for which it was intended?


  2. The Policeforce needs to be increased, not decreased. Their workload will be like teachers too much backside work, not enough action.
    Police should be seen as a detergent
    Teachers should teach.
    Neither should be locked away in an office filling in forms…


    • So your solution is to continue to pump money into incompentant institutions, regardless of there failings. Ever heard of value for money. SYP, is where it is today, because it failed to discharge its duties.

      Did you truly believe all this extra money, being pump in, reorganisation of council, through commissioners, new CSE centres, NCA clearing up the mess which Rotherham police left and remember this, they haven’t even touched the other areas in South Yorkshire yet.

      It’s funny, with all that back room staff, available to this force, how come they couldn’t get the proper coppers to actually do a spot of investigating and walking the beats?


  3. His Reverence has suddenly realised his invisibility might have cost over the past couple of years. The compliant local and regional media are helping him out with some handy positive publicity prior to re election. Additionally SYP are getting some defensive job cut publicity out too.


  4. I suspect there is a medium strategy by the Home Office to get rid of the SYP by reorganisation , perhaps absorbing it into another force or creating a new force to cover a larger area. That way they can get rid of the idiots in the West Yorkshire Police as well.
    When a police force has shown itself to be so inept as the SYP on a number of different issues, it is not really possible to allow it to continue to operate.


      • Of course these other forces are better, even though there just as incompetent as SYP, at least there better at covering up their mess. If I was a copper in SYP, I would tell everybody I was a drug dealer or something, at least they big enough to admit their failings, unlike SYP.


    • Merging South and West Yorkshire police would simply recreate the old West Riding Constabulary. Nothing revolutionary and would save money as well as making a fresh start. Good idea.


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