News: Gulliver’s Valley land deal set to be signed

News: Gulliver’s Valley land deal set to be signed

A land deal that will enable the creation of a £37m Gulliver’s Family Theme Park resort on the Pithouse West site in Rotherham is set to be approved by commissioners at the Council next week.

The authority made the “minded to” decision last year to enable them to negotiate the completion of the sale of 333 acres of greenbelt land located to the north of Rother Valley Country Park.

Gulliver’s, the operators of theme parks in Warrington, Matlock Bath and Milton Keynes developed an initial masterplan for the first of their sites in the UK to encompass all their major family entertainment elements in one location with new attractions exclusive to Rotherham.

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3 thoughts on “News: Gulliver’s Valley land deal set to be signed

  1. Well it’s about right .
    Rotherham can now truly embrace the fantasy world that it has been fostering over the last few decades.
    Perhaps the Labour politicians can get jobs as Yahoos, they all seem to be perfectly qualified.


  2. This park is good for Rotherham. At a local level It will bring jobs and enjoyment to the families who can easily access the enhanced area.
    One nearby resident stated that she was looking forward to the increased frequency of the bus service
    At a national level it will help the the “poor man” reputation of the Rotherham name.
    Hopefully we can use this confidence in Rotherham to bring in more businesses to the whole area.


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