‘Muslim leaders fully aware of problem but did nothing’

‘Muslim leaders fully aware of problem but did nothing’: Pakistani community worker makes explosive claims on Rotherham’s religious leaders who ‘talked in mosques but not to police’

  • 1,400 girls were abused by Pakistani gangs in Rotherham for 16 years
  • Pakistani community workers said abuse scandal was ‘discussed’
  • She said religious leaders were ‘contacted by agencies about the abuses’
  • But they ‘discussed it at the mosque’ rather than going to the police
  • Comes as council officers face calls to step down over the report 

Pakistani community leaders in Rotherham were complicit in hushing up the shocking ‘ethnic’ dimensions of the sexual exploitation rather than speaking out, it was claimed yesterday.

Parveen Qureshi, director of the United Multicultural Centre in Rotherham, revealed the shocking issue was widely discussed between leaders who were privately ‘trying to resolve the problem’.

She refused to name those who kept quiet, but was certain the problem of Asian men abusing white girls was known ‘for a long time’.

Read on… http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2736995/Muslim-leaders-fully-aware-problem-did-Pakistani-community-worker-makes-explosive-claims-religious-leaders-talked-mosques-not-police.html

15 thoughts on “‘Muslim leaders fully aware of problem but did nothing’

  1. Police knew, councillors knew, council officers knew, Pakistani leaders knew, Every day it emerges some one else knew But our MPs didn’t know ?


    • Because they weren’t Pakistani and therefore wasn’t trusted. There were only use as cover in return fior a few votes. Some people really easy to buy.


    • I wonder what parveen knew and if she did why she never came forward. But it seems alittle confusing what she actually did know or once again the daily mail has put their own spin on it.


  2. Report from August 2014…Mmmm….today is 23rd of June 2016.

    I wonder why the urgency, if it were true it’d top trump the Jay Report hands down.

    If it were true, don’t you think JT would have had a leg to stand on.


  3. Parveen Qureshi should be celebrated as one of the ‘Rotherham Whistleblowers’ and might be due an upgrade to her honour.


  4. She knew that the Mosque community knew but did nothin, mmmm.
    She was proclaimimg to be a community leader at and before all this happened. She was honoured for her work in the community, mmmmm.
    why did she not blow the whistle and why now. She has a lot to hide.
    Mr Abbassi, Shoukat Ali, Jhangir Akhtar and many taxi drivers knew but no one did anything.
    Still bury our heads in the sand and it will all go away or I scratch your back and you mine.
    GO Leaders GO….


  5. Before too long there will be an Asian person in all the top jobs. Are we saying that they will turn a blind eye to all the perpetrators they chose?
    They have already persuaded a top judge to say “Muslim girls are more important than Native (“white meat”) girls”


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