Wentworth & Dearne CLP Cancelled!

Dear Member

Please be informed that Wednesday’s CLP nomination meeting has been cancelled due to concerns from some members over who was able to attend. To be clear, the meeting was entirely in accordance with the guidelines set out by the NEC. However, after speaking with members the CLP officers have decided that it would not be productive to go ahead with the meeting.

Best wishes

Alan Gosling
CLP Chair

UPDATE – Labour party meeting cancelled after “attempts to sway leader vote”

A PLANNED meeting of Labour party delegates in the Wentworth and Dearne constituency has been cancelled after accusations of attempts to sway the party’s leader vote.

The constiuency Labour party (CLP) only invited its party delegates to its preferred leadership nomination meeting due to be held at Rotherham Town Hall on Wednesday.

But an email sent out by Alan Gosling, CLP chairman, said the meeting had been cancelled “due to concerns from some members over who was able to attend”.

Read on… http://www.rotherhamadvertiser.co.uk/news/104012/update-labour-party-meeting-cancelled-after-attempts-to-sway-leader-vote-.aspx

9 thoughts on “Wentworth & Dearne CLP Cancelled!

  1. Oh dear.

    Healy caught with his pants down by supporting owen smith the drug man from Pfizer.

    Doing his own deals and not been supported by members.

    Another own goal
    Closer to de selection trap door


  2. Heard that members not impressed with healys actions in sniping against his own leader.

    Then letting officers take blame for mess over meeting


  3. ‘ the CLP officers have decided that it would not be productive to go ahead with the meeting’
    Read as “we’ve been rumbled by the membership”

    The CLP is guilty of more stitch-ups than a dressmaker..



  4. Political party’s with elected councillors do not pay for the use of the town hall for party meetings
    UKIP use a room in the town hall roughly every two weeks for UKIP Councillor and advisers group meetings these meetings are for Councillor council business only not party business

    I understand that the Labour Party’s local group membership use the council chamber on very regular basis for Labour Party business not related directly for Council business


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