Rotherham 12 – prosecution witness seen with men giving Nazi salutes, court hears

A prosecution witness in the Rotherham 12 trial was pictured alongside a group of men giving Nazi salutes.

The photograph of Leanne Allott next to her former boyfriend and other men who were sieg heiling was revealed by defence lawyers.

She told Michael Mansfield QC during cross examination that it was “just for fun” and did not mean anything.

A group of Asian men, known as the Rotherham 12 are on trial at Sheffield Crown Court. They were charged with violent disorder following a counter protest against a Nazi Britain First march in September last year. It followed the racist murder of a grandfather.

The court has heard that a group of drunken fascists stood outside the William Fry pub being racially abusive and threatening violence.

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6 Responses to Rotherham 12 – prosecution witness seen with men giving Nazi salutes, court hears

  1. Tom Roberts says:

    Well you have to laugh don’t you – look at the image on the link page.
    The Black Panther salute . LOL.
    Someone should explain the difference between racial groupings to these morons.

  2. reg reader says:

    1. I am surprised that our local and regional press doesn’t appear to be covering this case.
    2. The image that tops the story in Socialist Worker is of people at the Barnsley Festival of Labour History showing their support for the Rotherham 1 campaign – it is not the Black Panther Salute.
    “Barnsley Festival attracts over 100
    Well over 100 people came to the Barnsley Festival of Labour History organised by Barnsley trades council last weekend.
    The Festival celebrated the 125th anniversary of our trades council being founded.
    We had speakers on working class resistance from the Yorkshire Rising of 1820 to the 1972 and 1984-5 miners’ strikes.
    We gave Ken Loach’s 1977 TV film The Price of Coal its first public screening in Barnsley.
    Highlights included Anandi Ramamurthy’s talk on Asian youth movements in Yorkshire in the 1980s—which finished with the links to the Rotherham 12 defence campaign today.
    Participants also joined a Unison union demonstration in solidarity with the Kinsley 3 cleaners on indefinite strike to defend their pay and conditions. We handed over £116 for their strike fund that was collected at the festival.”
    3. This is the Black Panther Salute:,_Tommie_Smith,_Peter_Norman_1968cr.jpg
    4. I’m a-wondering as to who the moron is.


    • reg reader says:

      Woops should have been Rotherham 12 campaign not Rotherham 1 campaign.
      t& here maybe other typos.

    • Parsonage says:

      “Well over 100 people came to the Barnsley Festival of Labour History”


      But where were the speakers addressing

      “The third Harrying of the North: The wholesale grooming, rape and pimping of English Working Class girls and the intimidation of their families(circa 1990 to date) most shamefully Betrayed by This Great Movement of Ours”


  3. reg reader says:

    More on the on-going trial
    Rotherham trial: far right activists in the spotlight

    “A jury’s been hearing how a far right organization called Yorkshire’s Finest was bent on targeting Asian families in Rotherham with violence.
    Prosecutor Paul O’Shea told Sheffield Crown Court that the group was made up of veteran football hooligans with links to the English Defence League, British National Party and the former National Front.
    He described Yorkshire’s Finest as racist activists with a history of involvement in extreme violence.
    The jury was handed photographs from the group’s Facebook site, one of which shows a Union Jack with the words “We arrive, We …. …. up, We leave”.”
    … read on:

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