Dr Alan Billings: A corner turned at last following South Yorkshire abuse scandal

“THINGS have changed”. When I heard those words last week, I was bowled over. They were spoken by one of the three young women groomed and sexually abused in Rotherham between 1999 and 2003, whose perpetrators had just been jailed at Sheffield Crown Court.

In the general rush to report the sentences, the significance of the words may have been overlooked. This would be a 

She was saying that “things have changed” at Rotherham Council and South Yorkshire Police. That is so significant that we should pause and consider what she meant.

Read on… http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/opinion/dr-alan-billings-a-corner-turned-at-last-following-south-yorkshire-abuse-scandal-1-8221877

11 thoughts on “Dr Alan Billings: A corner turned at last following South Yorkshire abuse scandal

  1. Well yes, things have changed. They are belatedly pursuing cases they covered up. But are the two senior SYP officers who threatened to hand over Adele Gladman to the rape gangs in jail? The officers who repeatedly lost” vital DNA and other evidence? The officers named in trials as taking bribes and having sex with victims? The bosom buddy of the bent senior councillor who corrupted taxi licensing? The officer who lives in a house well beyond his means on bribes for covering up for said councillor and his relatives? No! They are still serving, still in a position to destroy more evidence. That’s before getting started on the RMBC managers like the one who ordered a terrified little girl be handed over to a baying mob of rapists. Or the still serving senior manager who threatened to take a mothers child away if she exposed council failings. Plus ca change!


      • Yes, there is a whistle-blower being interviewed. There’s a link on this site somewhere. It was not long after the Jay report as I remember. But I don’t know how to find it. Essentially a mob of taxi driver rapists used to roll up at a care home each night. One girl was begging not to be handed over. The rapists were threatening to hurt her more if the handover was delayed. The staff member rang the manager. He said “open the door and let her out”. The whistle blower was subsequently targeted for dirty tricks by RMBC and SYP.


  2. To clarify, I think the officers named in trials may be suspended/retired. Others that I referred to are still serving. At least one of them still intervenes in CSE related cases.


  3. My sister called police on 23rd April 2004 an hour before my father died.
    His 2nd wife who told lies and said he was dying of a cancer we can prove dad did not have, excitedly came into his room an hour before his death with a full photo album of men with young girls.. My sister looked at many of these photos and called the police, who turned up just before dad died, but refused to ask for the album. Why?
    We have tried many times to report this woman for having this album, but SY Police refuse to acknowledge our concerns and the concerns that dad had terminal drugs forced into him for a cancer the Pathology Report proved dad did not have.

    In our opinion she had these photos to protect her. But who were the men in those pictures?
    South Yorkshire police refuse to go through the documented evidence of how dad was killed why?
    I will never stop looking for justice.


  4. I presume these photos were of white men and not Pakistani?

    I remember when I was a teenager living in Rotherham there were a group of youngsters who’d hand around on the top of our street. The girls were clearly underage and were having sexual intercourse with older men. In case you’re wondering, there were not Pakistani men but they were white.


    • An adult having sex with a minor is wrong, however the difference here there was some form of misguided consent, and none of the girls have reported any coercion. Your friends the Pakistsnis abused, rapped, gang raped , kidnapped, threaten, transported and prostituted these girls. No comparison really!!!!


  5. I hope things do change, but they haven’t. They never will.

    The reason is a blockage, a defensive and shifty attitude to accepting a mistake and putting it right.


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