Councillor quits after being sentenced for groping colleague

CONVICTED Andrew Roddison has quit as a councillor, it emerged today, as he was sentenced for squeezing another elected member’s bottom.

The ex-Brinsworth and Catcliffe ward member (41) was given a community order with a night-time curfew by a judge at Leeds Magistrates’ Court.

He was also made the subject of an indefinite restraining order against the victim, who cannot be identified for legal reasons.

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Rotherham councillor convicted of sexual assault to resign

A Rotherham councillor who was convicted of sexually assaulting a colleague has said he will resign.

Andrew Roddison, 41, of Flatts Lane in Treeton, was accused of sexually assaulting a female councillor following a parade in Rotherham in May.

The Labour councillor for the Brinsworth and Catcliffe ward denied the charges, but he was found guilty at Leeds Magistrates Court.

At the court hearing, he was given an indefinite restraining order.

He was also sentenced to a six-month curfew order, told to pay £500 in legal costs and given an £85 victim surcharge, the Crown Prosecution Service said.

In a statement, his solicitor, Steve Smith, said: “Having considered the financial options open to Mr Roddison it has been decided with great reluctance not to appeal.

“His income has been taken from him, and consequently he is resigning his position as a councillor.”

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South Yorkshire councillor sentenced for sexual assault

A South Yorkshire councillor who pinched a fellow councillor’s bottom has been electronically tagged and given a curfew.

Andrew Roddison, aged 41, who was elected as a Labour councillor in Rotherham in 2011, was sentenced yesterday after being found guilty of sexual assault at a previous hearing.

The married father-of-two, from Flatts Lane, Treeton, was accused of squeezing a fellow councillor’s bottom at a function.

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Change afoot?



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7 thoughts on “Councillor quits after being sentenced for groping colleague

  1. Our ‘Not Fit For Purpose’ Labour Borough Councillors will no doubt issue a phony excuse why they did not suspend him from the council once he was charged despite the rumours this case was not a ‘one off’.
    It is normal practice for a Public Officer* to be suspended if charged with an offence and even more so if the offence concerns sexual assault.
    How much further down the drainpipe does the Labour party have to go before it implodes?

    *Public Officer: Local councillor (2004) R v Speechley [2004] EWCA Crim 3067


    • Roddison has claimed he was a ‘civil servant’.

      His manipulation of the truth in good Labour tradition it seems, is highly questionable.. It couldn’t be further from the truth. He worked for a company who supplied goods to local authorities and was no high achiever.

      It was laughable that he genuinely thought Akhtar’s personal reference would ACTUALLY help him. Thick or what.? I haven’t laughed so much in ages.


  2. To be actually allowed to be in the council chamber when his victim would be there I find astonishing but not surprising knowing the calibur of Labour Councillors.
    Dave Smith


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