Adam Carter launches road safety campaign after local pensioner knocked over

adam-carter-bawtry-road-petition-launch-2Liberal Democrat campaigner Adam Carter launched a petition on Thursday (5th) to improve road safety along the section of Bawtry Road that runs through Brinsworth.

A local pensioner was knocked over last year by a car, suffering multiple serious injuries. The road in question has a 40mph speed limit. The pensioner is still recovering from her injuries in a local rehabilitation centre.

Adam Carter said:

“I am distraught that the lady was knocked over while crossing Bawtry Road. Living in the area I know that elderly people and children live either side of the road, and have to cross it to catch a bus or go to school.

“The council need to do more to make the road safer. We are very lucky this lady kept her life this time.

“That’s why I’m launching a road safety campaign. I cannot stand by and wait for someone else to get hit crossing the road before we try to make Bawtry Road safer for local residents.”

You can sign Adam Carter’s road safety petition at

Adam Carter

11 thoughts on “Adam Carter launches road safety campaign after local pensioner knocked over

  1. Why has he waited until he wants your vote to launch this if he has been so concerned since last year didn’t bother him that much then


  2. To be fair last year was only 7 days ago. Do you know the date of the incident or are you just taking a free pop at the bloke ?
    Now if it was back in say august fair enough. When was the incident Mr Vines ?


  3. Lets see if the Lib Dems can build on their reputation for robust grass roots campaigning and win seats across the borough, the petition for improved safety on this stretch of road will resonate with voters.


  4. I think Caven is right, smacks of “Coming out from the woodwork, and jumping on the first band waggon” for votes. Why was he not shouting from the roof in August. probably another “vote for me”, cos its election time”. Candidates should remember the Public wants people who work for them BEFORE they start electioneering.


  5. choose if adam carter is after votes or not the SPEED ON BAWTRY ROAD NEEDS TO BE SLOWED DOWN. i live just off bawtry road and after getting off the bus you can stand quite a while before managing to get across the road. what with the big lorries up and down all day itsa living hell


  6. RR you are correct but I had a good track record of putting the time in and being very active in my Ward and gave much of my allowance back into the community in the form of a personal community fund which funded annual trips to the coast for older residents funding School activities
    Etc so yes you can mix work and Councillor work but you have to have a good relationship with your employer also be prepared to give up most of your free time and more so have a very understanding supportive family


  7. Insider information says this crossing had been asked for by the Parish and was already passing through planning procedure – he just wants to be an MP ( not bad for someone who said he wasn’t)
    “I do hope residents will vote for something different this time. I’m not a career politician but I care passionately about Brinsworth, the place I’ve made my home. I’m looking forward to meeting more local people out on the campaign trail and campaigning on issues that matter to them.”
    Yer right! Only rents his home in Brinsworth – Just like Stoke, anything to get elected…


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