Charity warns child sexual exploitation remains ‘woefully under-reported’ following Rotherham scandal

Child sexual exploitation remains ‘woefully under-reported’ in the UK following Rotherham scandal, the NSPCC has warned.

Child sexual exploitation remains “woefully under-reported” in the UK, the NSPCC has warned.

The charity said many young victims do not understand they are being groomed and exploited because of the tactics offenders use. It called on adults with concerns to raise the alarm.

Efforts to tackle abuse have come under the spotlight in recent years following scandals in Rochdale, Rotherham and Oxford.

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4 thoughts on “Charity warns child sexual exploitation remains ‘woefully under-reported’ following Rotherham scandal

  1. I read the brief article. But as I see it, so many of these articles always go for something much less than the most obvious problems. I’ll Illustrate by showing the biggest one, first. Every nation has a system whereby the wealthy, the powerful and the obedient to those two, operate big child harvesting operations, by having parents who belong to these networks, supply/share their own kids, by stealing kids off the street and shipping them out our other nations ship theirs in, so no knows or cares about these kids. By so called child protection agencies where any excuse is used to steal children legally and give them to “pimps” (foster care) and rent them out and sen them around to please the upper networks. That covers most of it.

    Grooming them is not really the problem. they are either born into it or forced into it. Many victims do not see a way out. Their appears hopeless to them, Its call learned helplessness and I know of 2 kids who know this well. They tried to get out and they could not. Only God knows what is happening to them now. But it happens to millions. Grooming? Really! How about brute force, total systemic organization and a world wide network of traffickers, primarily maintained by intelligence agencies, who specialize in secrecy and crime.

    Most kids know what they problems are. They just have no way out. And the MSM will parade a lone pervert to show “they really care” while looking the other way while monstrous behemoth global networks operate without any interference or danger.

    I am not complaining about busting an individual, but busting 1 while ignoring 1 billions seems absurd beyond description. I would rather ignore the 1 if it would mean busting huge networks but no one wants to admit is how hopeless it is to even think that is possible. In fact, 1 is no comfort whatsoever. The real problem is insurmountable. All the most powerful and their sellout stoolies have total control from start to finish.

    Now the other real problem. Most people do not listen, do not want to hear, and do not care. No, I’m serious. For instance, there are claims that Alisa is in the Audi Superbowl Ad. They were both stolen from their mom in Sep, 2014 in Hampstead. Having investigated like no other, I can say fairly confidently that now only is she in it,, but Gabriel and dear dad, too. Worst of all, it may be at this point, that many or most of those who did initially believe all of this have now denied it denied it but without any evidence that the girl said by the ad agency to be in it was not in it. Not at all!

    But they have all suddenly decided as one big united mass that they were told the truth throughout and that everyone is honest. And the fairy godmother is real, too! So it would appear that nearly everyone who ever was a participant in the support of the 2 kids held captive by a cult, have now sold the kids out and left them twisting in the wind. These kids never had a chance. they never had but a handful of true supporters. this is the problem throughout the world. No one gives a damn! It really is true! Grooming? Don’t make me laugh! Its far worse than that.

    My current version of the 2 kids in the superbowl article:

    I am working on a more thorough article to humiliate the liars and deceivers who have NOT a shred of evidence for anything they say. Who needs evidence when you have an army of liars covering the world?

    I will soon have the new version up under the same address but will also retain the old version as evidence in insincere lies and deceit but evil people, as I see it.


  2. I don’t know what you have been drinking “Truth1” but you should take more water with it. Your article is a senseless jumble of words ! They read like the ramblings of a disturbed mind !


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