Grenfell Tower residents kept warning that their home was a deathtrap

The Grenfell Tower fire was a tragedy waiting to happen, according to residents of the 24-storey block in west London who had repeatedly raised safety concerns.

In November Edward Daffarn, 55, published a post on his Grenfell Action Group blog warning that “only a catastrophic event will expose the ineptitude and incompetence of our landlord, the Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation (KCTMO), and bring an end to the dangerous living conditions and neglect of health and safety legislation that they inflict upon their tenants and leaseholders”.

Mr Daffarn, who lives on the 16th floor, narrowly escaped with his life.

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Grenfell Action Group:

Council lawyer’s letter to #Grenfell blogger: stop ‘harrassing’ us

The news channels and social media are still, rightly, full of footage of the terrible tragedy at Grenfell Tower in North Kensington and its aftermath. As the SKWAWKBOX showed on Wednesday, there are serious questions to answer about the design of the building and its fire alarm system – and the actions of the Tories, including former mayor and now Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who is hotly tipped as the party’s next leader.

Johnson betrayed a lack of concern and seriousness about the safety of Londoners from fire when, in 2013, he scoffed at London Assembly Members’ worries about the impact of his cuts to the number of fire stations and firefighters – going so far as to tell one AM to ‘get stuffed’ for questioning him (video).

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Video: #Grenfell resident ‘drops truth’ on #BBC re blog claims and shoddy works

As the SKWAWKBOX showed yesterday, Kensington and Chelsea council sent a threatening legal letter to the author of a blog who had highlighted the dangers facing residents at the ill-fated Grenfell Tower, demanding that he stop ‘harrassing’ the council.

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Residents’ warnings about the Grenfell Tower fire ‘fell on deaf ears’

Residents of Grenfell Tower, which endured a raging fire on Wednesday 14 June, issued a stark warning that such an incident would occur after they alleged the landlord consistently failed to act on fire safety.

There have been “a number of fatalities” from the devastating fire that engulfed Grenfell Tower, a West London high-rise on the West Lancaster Estate in North Kensington, according to reports. More than 50 people are being treated in hospital.

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10 thoughts on “Grenfell Tower residents kept warning that their home was a deathtrap

  1. Wasn’t Healey shadow housing minister
    Surely he should have known about
    The concerns now coming out as it is stated
    The last two housing ministers knew of concerns
    Or is it another case whare no one told him like
    CSE in Rotherham surely these questions need
    Asking in the public interest of our representatives


    • Caven
      Healey’s role in this is minuscule to non-existent.
      Some 99.9% of the blame lies with Kensington and Chelsea council and the Tory government.

      ….and to attempt to link what happened late on Wednesday night in London’s Ladbrook Grove area to CSE in Rotherham is at best unhelpful and most probably utterly delusional.


    • A bitter and twisted wreck with nothing more to talk about.

      If you hadnt gone on telly telling lies about people you wouldnt be in this mess.

      Grubbing around for sympathy on rothpol after a couple of sherberts


  2. Housing minister Gavin Barwell
    Failed to carry out a review of fire regulations
    Desire warnings
    Eric pickles rejected a coroners call for sprinklers in refurbished
    High rises after camberwell in 2009
    As shadow housing minister surely Healey
    Would have known this and as opposition
    Minister was it not his duty to challenge these
    My reference to CSE was his excuse that no one
    Told him and is that the case in this instance
    So his link to this is not minuscule at all


    • Caven,
      I am no fan of Healey and yes, of course, he should have been aware of it all, and campaigning against it, – but it would have had little effect. The Grenfell Action Group had been raising their concerns for a long while, and that had no effect:
      But, IMHO, the behaviour of Kensington and Chelsea Council has been utterly shameful, and to divert criticism from that organisation is at best unhelpful.
      I knew that block of flats. An old friend of mine, an Eritrean, lived there for 18 months with his wife and 2 teenage children. He moved out some 12 months ago.
      It’s not easy to be poor in the richest borough in UK.


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  4. the fire was shocking but stood outside town hall with placards reading “tories out” does not help matters . rent a mob . you can see which way this is going .


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