Testament to Emma’s success?

After 14 months of the Eastwood deal, here is  what you get for your money.   

The lead officer, Karen Hanson, has thrown the towel in, how long before the others follow?

Too much to handle ?

The pictures below stand as testament to Emma’s success:


20 thoughts on “Testament to Emma’s success?

  1. See what you mean now. Managed to get Damien Wilson and Emma Hoddinott out to inspect the allotment site where the murder happened in Dinnington, along with the environment officers. I was told that this area was as bad as Eastwood. I had been asking for help a year before the murder happened there. Now the murder is not in the headlines, neither of the above wants to talk to me. Many of the gardens in the area are appalling, so rather than tackling the minority of gardens, they decided to send a letter to everybody and upset them. Months later the bad gardens are still an issue and they haven’t followed it up with action. Things are starting to creep back downhill again. So I have every sympathy with Eastwood, but it isn’t an immigrant problem in Dinnington. “As for Karen Hanson not heard a peep out of her.”


  2. Karen Hanson, left or been pushed, ????obviously she’s not capable of doing the job she keep applying for, point being Hexthorpe now Eastwood the only impression she’s leaving is a lot of disheartened people, council constantly goes no about the cost of things, how much they wasted on paying wages to a woman who carnt do the job she was paid to do.


  3. Hoddinott still unfit for purpose
    Like before
    How much more fallers do Labour councillors
    Have to do befor the people of Rotherham
    Wake up to them and vote them out


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