Chris Read and Emma Hoddinott Slagging off Labour supporters

The antics of Rotherhams political comedy duo rumble on during conference season.

It seems slagging off their own party’s supporters online and to the 1000+ people attached to their personal network is okay.

A crumb of comfort is that they probably save the slagging off of their colleagues for back at the ranch. Probably after Read has knocked a couple of cokes back.

Great people.

Vile Salamander

12 thoughts on “Chris Read and Emma Hoddinott Slagging off Labour supporters

  1. What a surprise ! I expected nothing less from these two specimens, out and out traitors to the hard working subs payers and people who put them in that position. They take the p!55 out of Labour, and the people in the ward they conned into voting for them and the council, just sorting themselves out. conflict of imterest? not in the hoddinott household.


    • You actually have a very good ( poorly articulated ) point there. They should really have let the wickersley electorate know they were an item. Its up to the voters to decide if they want a husband and wife team representing them. Bit iffy that.


  2. 35 years doing my bit for the party. Finally got tback the party I joined. Never for one minute thought I was cut from the same cloth as these two. not for a minute. I want MY councillors to tell me what they are going to do about it


  3. `These bourgeois types with their recourse to the capitalist courts against the common good,eh?`

    A nasty dig at our three local MPs by any chance?


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