Rotherham Lads Show em what’s what at the Haj

It seems like every week a politician or preacher disgraced for money/sex/bullying or other reasons, ends up rediscovering God, denounces his previous self as possesed by the devil and re-dedicates  himself to a pure and simple life in the future.

This is most common in the home of the Great Satan (USA to you unbelievers) and normally they belong to some strange fundamentalist Christian Church that cures all ills and has major TV contracts. The penitents have shiny white teeth and wear big ties. It is called playing the “redemption card” and players are often rewarded by even bigger tv contracts.

It is less common for Mirpuri Muslims to try this trick, and almost unknown for one of Rotherham’s own.

However..we now know that one local disgraced politico has decided try rebuilding his tattered political career by giving the “redemption card” a go….

It is of course completely coincidence that a couple of months after his doing “the Haj” the following report appeared in the Times.

Nah…………..surely not:)

Wil Ewart

Female pilgrims speak out about sexual harassment at the haj

The Times February 6th

“Women said they had been assaulted while standing next to the Kaaba, the building at the centre of the Grand Mosque in Mecca.”        – AHMAD MASOOD/REUTERS

Muslim women regularly endure sexual assaults during the haj pilgrimage to Mecca, according to pilgrims who have taken to social media to publicise their ordeal.

The stream of accounts began when Sabica Khan, a Pakistani woman, wrote on Facebook about how she was assaulted next to the Kaaba, the building at the centre of Islam’s most sacred mosque, in Saudi Arabia.

Ms Khan said that she had been touched by different men while she performed tawaf — seven circles around the Kaaba — a mandatory part of the pilgrimage. She said the experience left her feeling violated and depressed.

“I thought it was just an innocent mistake. I completely ignored [it]. Then I felt it again,” she said. “Then someone tried to grab and pinch my butt.”

She tried to stop the men but could not move because of the large crowds. “I was literally petrified . . . Couldn’t even escape, so I stood. I felt so violated. I felt unable to speak out,” she added. “It’s sad to say that you are not even safe at holy places. I’ve been harassed, not once, not twice, but thrice.”

Ms Khan’s post was shared almost 2,000 times and inspired other women to come forward with similar accounts. Some posted their accounts with the MeToo hashtag, which women have used around the world when talking about sexual harassment and accusations made against Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood movie mogul.

Aziza, 37, who did not give her surname, told The Times that it was a common problem that all women doing the pilgrimage had to “put up with”. “It happened to me and my family multiple times, being pinched or touched by male organs during the approach to [the Kaaba],” she said. “The first time I was just nine years old, so I didn’t really understand. My sister was 14 then and she told Mum who realised both [of us] had been felt up.”

Aziza, from Pakistan, said that her female relatives now avoided the crowded areas around the Kaaba. “We try to walk as fast as possible. We time our visit at low crowds,” she added.

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5 thoughts on “Rotherham Lads Show em what’s what at the Haj

    • PoetMorgan, you are of course correct, it will be.
      Not all men at the Haj sexually assault women, but a very small number do. And in the crowd it is hard to tell which ones.
      Not all Mid-west Baptist preachers are corrupt, but some are. Not all wear big ties:)

      This article is not intended to be generalist, about all Muslin men.

      It is about hypocricy among “some men” who proclaim righteousness, while abusing women.
      It is about one particular man who has been accused of abusing a young women, has a fairly dissolute lifestyle, yet wishes to appear devout. It is a man who lives in my community, not some generic demonised, everyman “Muslim.”

      It is about hypocricy…..and of course it will be called racist and Islamophobic. This is Rotherham…where such allegations are used as shields.



  1. Hypocrisy in religion Langland is his epic “Piers Ploughman” has a lot to say on the subject in the 14th century. He describes Dominican Friars with vows of poverty and big bellies plus a whole lot of hipocrisy…
    It seems there is nothing new in this evil behaviour!


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